If I die in my sleep
Not a soul would know
Not a caring friend
Or a loving family member.
Not that they fail to remember
But that I'm just a fleeing spot.

If I die in my sleep
All you'd find
Is a decaying corpse,
After you break my door three days later.
Not that you don't bother
Only you'd care less,
An ocean of sympathy
For what I could've been
Only that you didn't care when I lived.

If I die in my sleep
People who'd call
Think I just ignored
Like always, hooked to my selfish being
They'd care less, like I did of them.
I maybe a loved soul or that I did matter
But all I am is just another speck
of living mass.

If I die in my sleep
I can say, I won't really mind
'Coz when I took my form
And slipped out to the world
I was born into people,
Now that I'd die,
I'd die alone
A fact that I knew all along
That when you leave,
You leave alone.

If I do die in my sleep
I really wish I do
I'll be happy then, like never before
Because, I'm close to realizing
That my death could be yours
And you'd be alone too
And I just would pity and move along!