My sweet pain,
Shooting out of the my tube,
Piercing me in,
Another body
and injecting your Novocain?

Thumping against my nerve fibers,
and Jingling up my brain
Sensations passing through,
Thanks to hormone vibrations
Waking me up to your stimulation.

Lost in my worlds,
Rubbing you against.
My skin, my hands
Getting me on,
Through your ejaculation.

Your face, seen and forgot
But your love ever intact
Going in and out
Oh! Baby I cannot leave you out
From your shots of exhilaration.

Kissing you throughout the holy night
Letting you hit me hard and hard
Throughout this night
I don't want forget all right
Take me in, Take me in.

Minutes like years
Years like minutes.
I want us to pass
Your magic of the past
Never repeating all the more.

Hoping the wonders of yore
Virgin with excitement
Your shots up the tongue
I want to get high tonight.

Let me on, let me on.
The older days foregone
As one, shall we live
You and I in my arms
Lets get high like before.