Oh! Killer in the nights
Elusive as you are 
Scurrying for petty meat
and vagrant coins.
Here I am searching for you
Demanding to be stolen,
Kidnapped and tortured.

I devote this null anatomy
For your sacrifice
Pierce my ears and pull my teeth
Empty my pockets
as you empty my eyes.
I won't fight
Neither will I cry
Kill me tonight
And torture me with your knife.

Selfless as it seem to you
Selfish it is.
Kill me under the lights
As my shadow is least bright,
A moment before or after -
The shades will be darker than the night.
I want no past to haunt
and no more mistakes to do
Or a life full of guilt
Or life itself terminally diseased.

I don't want to know 
about a certain tomorrow
Expectant of rosy happiness
In this sorrow,
Choke me to death
on your sickly penis if it would be.
I hope for no beautiful day
that hat might just end,
A death I can't control
Nor can I pretend.
Here I am, shallow by courage,
Feast on me tonight
And whisper this in my ears
'Today is the day, now is the time'
I will repeat, I will agree.

Kill me, burn me -
Spare me, 
From this humane rut.
Show me mercy
and some love.
I'll be a hapless follower,
With your name on my lips
As you stab me tonight
I shall exclaim, 
That it's you who delivered me
From my sins and me.

Kill me tonight,
As I want no more
of a faceless death
or a spineless life
It's in your known arms, 
I want to die tonight.