Rough against my fingers
as I rub you between them.
A slight sting as I lick you to the tip.
Rolling between my lips,
my tongue in sheer delight.
Smoking hot -
the fire inside you,
With me in my lows and plateaus,
Coming along, all at once.

Up it goes,
now between your fingers,
Gently brought to your pout lips
to suck it like a sweet lolly.
Smoke from your hot body
Drifting lazily,
over my sweaty self.
Slow and magical,
the feeling of the real.

Dried tongues
and tired bodies,
a night all up
with you in my hands.
Feet and beats,
numb and amplified
from your orgasmic heat,
I love the way you feel,
naked as you come inside me.

Another green day
and we'll fuck our way through it,
let's not stop a minute
and just let our minds sway.