The first kisses, 
In the showers from the heaven.
Cold and uneasy, 
Quelled our longing within us,
Separated by discomfort
That was too cold to hold and too wet embrace,
A test - for the times to come. 
Times wet with tears
And cold by the heart. 
Neither of these can kill -
what we have felt.
Hope, smile and love. 
And the beauty lies in the conquest, 
A memory that doesn't fade, 
A memory that lasts our lifetime,
Ordinary is too ordinary to remember, 
But pain isn't.
Pain that makes us feel strong,
Pain to remind us that which is stronger.
Muted expressions or angry flares?
The rain will have stopped,
Like the tough times that run, 
But the love doesn't fizzle,
Dampened by downpour and turned to a sizzle.
It's electric and that's what it is,
And love, never dies,
Not before us anyway.
The golden smiles and the silent tears
A proof of that which stood the test of time.
You and I.
Defeated this vile, testing time.
It's time for me to say once again,
I love you.
Do you?