Times when we gazed eye to eye,
Hands not letting up their discreet embrace,
Our hair, entwined as one as we come near,
Warmth that beat the coldness outside -
of the world and its people. 
Jumbled and lost,
Our feet and fingers.
Your supple breasts touching me ever so slightly,
Teasing and tempting.
Clothes on yet feeling naked,
At every place you touched, numbness crept in.

Our thoughts about each other
and those yearnings of endless possibilities of
Shared futures and shared dreams.
Living now yet living ahead -
Us, the magical time machine.
Revisiting times and different eras,
In your life and mine,
all at once and at the same place.
Possessed in eyes - yours and mine.

Belief in you and I,
Trust in our mutual worlds.
Only to now look and see,
the world that is to be.
Only to find random persons,
With eyes and a dying face,
Eyes that can't connect
and gazes that won't meet.
Disillusioned through every sphere,
unable to differentiate from the real and the fear.
I look into my mirror -
Hoping for an answer.
The magic dissolves and my self dissociates,
my eyes don't meet and my self doesn't speak.
Cold with bleak strength
and hard with mistrust.
Two inseparable beings trapped within me,
One my true self and the other my shrewd hypocrisy.
One after you and another bound to this world.

I don't hear anyone,
none of the near and dear.
Lost in this fucking world and within me,
I turn to you to save the little me.
I look into your eyes for that unflinching gaze,
bolstered and lifted from those lovely days.
I don't see myself and
I don't feel me.
Those eyes don't connect,
Neither for you nor for me.