An expanse,
Big as the hollow field of vision of closed eyes,
Intermittently bright and rugged,
With a whole new star being born every minute,
Deep far lands - highly uninhabitable,
To our thoughts and our kinds,
Floating in absolute nothing, spinning with no place to stay,

Light flows by,
Not knowing where it'll end,
End of the universe, where another one begins?
Physical forms and names to be put,
What're they really a matter of complex chance?
Inexhaustible combinations each with its own life,
Yielding a new energy to show the world its sights.

Distant from its origin,
Wherever that  could be,
There's this place you are now,
Infested in billions, of a life of many kinds.
Each a creation in its own right.

This physical universe,
With laws that can't be damned,
The true spirit of justice lingers,
In spaces yet unmapped, untapped.


An unjust sense of life,
Of the reason of our breath and hunger,
Tiny little beings in one end of the ever sprawling void,
Purpose to be found and reasons exhausted,
To live and persist,
Or persist and live?
Unknown - the answer,
Of what we don't know.
Of who we are and where we belong.
A world wide open above our heads,
And one one deep within,

Two expanding worlds,
With the conflict point of you.
Never does one cease to exist,
Or that's what we'd love to believe,
Praying and contemplating,
By defining the word, live.
Wisdom gained from the truths above,
Resounds with a deafening din.


Stars high in the sky,
Lights that dot our streets,
Eternal flames in our homes,
And eternal breeze for our beds.
The magic of the universe,
Televised and relayed.
The beauty of the real world,
Now made even real on screen.

Laws and justice,
Nesting spaces and cars to roam,
Planes in the sky,
Like asteroid streaks,
Everything we replicate as our feeble collective says.

Nowhere close to the external universe,
And nowhere near to the one inside,
There has sprouted another world,
For you and I to bear,
With ideals and rules,
With benefits and advancement,
Advance: As back as possible,
The retreat unnoticed,
Of not to the universe and not inside,
But a small little model universe,
As gods we want to be,
A small little model universe,
Is where we want to be!