Ketamine nights,
Dull and drugged,
vibrant in the laze of the light.
Real and hyper -
hyper and real.

Identity lost,
The touch with humans
and the less comparable sights.
Right as it goes,
but wrong it feels.
Real, is that a word or what I feel?

the distances between myself and me,
myself and others.
Just a self hovering by,
immaterial to this physical world?

The present,
indistinguishable between the past and the future.
The future no more present,
than the past swept by the present.
Let me use it as a rhyme.

Ketamine nights,
I'm just sitting tight
wishing they're true,
the selfless visions
and not the world I hold onto.

Ketamine nights,
sedated or not.
Where are my vials?
Where are my dials?
Ketamine nights,
Stretched beyond my sight.
Never end,
because you never started,