One less word, one less exaggerated fiction.
How it survived and lived forward,
As an emotion of choice,
And the synonym of human emotional collective?

To be or not to be,
But happy is what one always should be,
Tears of joy and angry humor,
Undoing negativity -
And embrace the  moral ambiguity. 

Happy as defined by what?
Millennia of human thought,
Collected through subdued misery?
A nature brimming with happiness,
Green trees and meek animals,
Is that what you see?

I put no trust,
In these sayings of man -
and god alike,
No holy scripture or no holy seers,
Falsified: To sell anything,
From a Bible to a can of beer.

Equipped with thought,
And a polar rationality,
Fair for one and death for another,
A nature where we're supreme together,
But yet, one man is mightier than the other,
But neither and none - 
Who's to judge the veracity of the truth?

A human truth, A godly truth,
A universal truth and a truth of the childhood.
Nature and beast apart,
The beast and the man apart,
From this rationality,
Truth thus formed,
Ambiguous again by its own aspiration.

The truth is undone,
So is my rationale, 
What's to be chased and what's to be done?
Happiness pursued with blood and guns?
The universe is ever so happy,
Oblivious to our presence,
The Sun doesn't stop a minute,
Or the moon from their heavenly commute, 
Happiness from oblivion,
Of extinct reason and supremacy,
The right to ask and demand.

Who're we to ask and say?
That to our happiness that the toast be made,
Not in this world - not in my mind,
Not when functional,
Not with men in sight,
Lesser intelligence and a will to wilt,
Happiness that is -
One where I can forget.

Not a purpose,
Not a gift - 
This truth of life,
Is all a truth of lies,
The Happiness of the obscure,
Is what I seek,
In death and decay -
Shall peace be made. 
Happiness that asks nothing,
And sees nothing in return,
Happiness of my being,
Or a thing it could be. 
Food, shelter and water,
Our eternal addictions -
As nature's part, we all embrace,
Happiness a word no more.
Happiness of the deceased,
Happiness of the mentally diseased,
Happiness that is -
One where I can forget!