Empty verses, empty tracks,
The trees and the bridges that flew by,
As the train cut through the civilization whistling its way by,
The flash of the streetlights and the hands that waved,
And the sudden eerie silence of the forests that stood,
A Devil waved at me, the devil stared at me,
Roaring with its deep might as it stared at me,
Eyes wide open, I shrieked and I cried,
"Is this the train I should be travelling by?"
The heavy, chilly air cut through my face,
The Devil laughed at me and ran at god's pace,
I looked to the left, I looked to the right,
My mates just vanished in the strobe lights,
Blank, featureless faces hovered around,
"Death is that you? Death is it you?"
I stood in a white cell as it zoomed into wilderness, 
Voices hustled and voices sand and the space vibrated
to the tunes of the demonic hymns,
"Is that me? Is that me?"
The face in the glass just smiled at me,
The lights came back as my vision became dark,
"Am I moving, or am I just still?"
The train sped past leaving me rooted, 
"Was I moving, was I moving at all?
O dear! Am I alive or am I dead once for all?"

A poem written while staring at a speeding at a speeding train from the stationary one I was sitting in at around 8 in the evening. The train shot by and I was still not sure whether the train I was in was moving or not and then I saw a man on the platform staring and smiling at me.
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