<Basic guitar strums, a slow hum, rough voice, Dylan-Green Dayish (Add Johnny Cash for some variety)>

Not a moment passes without me thinking of you,
For every stroke of the keyboard reminds me of you, 
My phone is dull and dead for the lack of your voice, 
My life is void but who can blame it on you?

The guitar strings tell me a lot about you,
Like my fingers through your strands of hair, 
Like the plain metal strings bring music to the world,
You bring life to my little fingertips. 

Walking behind and looking at your shadow move,
Like a muse that’d make Wordsworth realize that he has a lot to prove,
The gentle breeze that kisses you on your face,
And the little scent it steals from you to be like you. 

A little songbird perched up my window sill,
Cries in envy that it can’t be like you,
The guitar strings told me the same thing too,
They said that they can’t compete to be like you. 

Play on up and play on with ourselves,
For we love you and let us be your dolls,
Brush our hair and throw us everywhere,
For we shall sing, for all about that is there. 
<Slow guitar sound, a bit raw but mellow>
Brush our hair and throw us everywhere,
For we will love you and let you be in there. 


This is a bad/sad attempt at songwriting and is dedicated to whoever who thinks this song is dedicated to them. Bah! Wish I could play the guitar.  Sigh!

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