Someone famously said that there is a star for every person who dies on this planet, a hundred billion stars in the milky way for the hundred billion humans that walked here on the earth. We're like those stars, bright and twinkling, but all we do perceive ourselves is, we believe we're too tiny, we think we can't give anything to the universe, we feel our presence is not justified. We're like those stars, some are in constellations and some are all alone, but they radiate their warmth all around them, there are things that we can achieve too, but we're too selfish to know our worth. We are all worth, worth more than we can ever imagine ourselves to be. When we've got a whole universe too see, we just tend to see only one place, a place which doesn't matter. We're not weaklings, we're not blind, we just see the world from the wrong place, when we've got the best seats in the theater - we just close our eyes and cry. When we can see from the sky, we just shut ourselves and see from the bottom. We're all a billion stars, waiting to be seen. but we're shielded from the opaque light of our emotions. We flash our characters across the galaxies, we're the faces of the dark, black sky. We're all a billion stars, noticeable only in the darkest of times, we're a hundred billion stars, above the sky and the above the world, sitting very high.