I once said, "The success you've achieved in your life doesn't show in the number of cars you own or the tonnes of cash you spend, the success you've achieved will be in the form of the number of people who will really cry for you when you're dead. And if you die alone, trust me, you just wasted your life". Well, remember, there'll be your parents and your family to cry for you when you're dead if they're not dead before you that is. If they are and if you think you really have no one to cry for you, or if you think your parents are not enough. Go on, get that bottle of Smirnoff and drink till you are dropping dead and drop your head in a bucket full of water. It won't be painful, it'll be slow, yet you can hear yourself, that calm, that momentary happiness, it's all worth it. No one can ever see your tears and no body can never know of your pain. They'll say you were drunk. The people will cry, the people will miss you, this time for real. If have nothing to lose and no love left in you. Die. Just die. Because dying everyday is better than dying for once and living the rest of the afterlife. If there isn't one, no problem, because it will be just like sleep. Something that can't be described. Nature has shown us everything before, we were born and we don't remember anything about it. But we know something happened. The same is the case with death. Die. You will be in peace. Die, for the world will know that you were important. Die, because you will die anyway. For what you cannot achieve through living, you will, by dying. For a day spent living, is a day wasted dying. Die, because the world's better off without you, die because you're not going to make a change. Die, because the world hates you. Die, because you hate the world.


I intend to write a series of essays on death sometime soon, this is a sort of precursor to them, or a prologue or whatever you choose to call it. So, that's it for now. Bye!