Engineering 1st year: Preparation used to start one week before the exams. Textbooks were brought during the start of the semester and notes were written judiciously. Used to put two new pens, a pencil, an eraser, calci and an instruments box in the bag on the day before the exam.

Engineering 2nd year: The preparation used to start three days prior to the exam but the rest remained essentially the same. 

Engineering 3rd year: Preparation used to start one day before the exam. Books were brought before the exam. No notes, only xerox copies. And masti at Bhargava's room. The pencil and the eraser became an excuse to talk to a friend in the exam, the instruments box got lost in time, the pens were random old plastic pieces rolling around the house, usually leaky old ones without caps. And the calci was usually 'nabbed' from the junior's custody. 

Engineering 4th year: No preparation even on the day of the exam. No text books, no note books, no syllabus, no important questions and finally no prep at B's room. And the best part, we even plan to bunk an exam. One single plastic stick inside the pocket. Forgot about the rest, yes, even the calci. 


Happy Engineers day!