We're men and women filled with lies and fed with lies, we've been trained to hide our true selves in the dungeons built under the facades of our realm. True acts of passion, fear,  pure violence, uncontrollable anger, inconsolable tragedy and unrestrained authority are the only times our true selves breaks emotional barriers. A sense of fullness, one usually associated with the idea of God can be actually reached with the acts mentioned above. God apparently lies in those acts of love, humanity and goodwill. But it only gives a temporary sense of happiness a feeling that's eclipsed with that acquired from acts of negativity, as it shows God in a purer form in a much more satisfying manner. People complain that 'good' world is being overtaken by the 'bad' and that an apocalypse is ominous. But here 'good' is a darker word, we're progressing from a world that's debating about the idea of God to one which accepts the Supreme at the fullest. Perhaps, 'good' isn't that good at all and it's perhaps 'light' that spreads evil not darkness. Adam was blind when he was created, he performed his Master's work as ordered. But when light entered his life, it became the root for all evils and later it became you and me. Why do we think 'good' is an acceptable moral when we've known since ages that man accepts what he likes to, even when it's not the truth. Copernicus, Galileo and whole lot of great men proved it. God's seated in our souls, hidden under a veil of His true emotion and we've always looked at the wrong places.