Marching down the sleet covered streets, with flags in hand and drums upbeat,
Singing for the town at just the time it sleeps,
Moving boulders to places in need,
Firing down the people with speed,
It just sounded like the Valhalla uprising.

I asked her as I kissed her cheeks,
As what must be done to fulfill her needs,
Whining and rhyming all her tears,
She just said, that all these years of the spring,
Will be wiped out with the Valhalla uprising.

Laughing out her sorrows and patting our seed,
She just said, it's only you that I need,
Not those guns, not those dreams,
All will be done and all will be gone,
With the last of the men in the Valhalla uprising.

"It is time for me to kill, it is time for me to pay,
for it is the time to dream the dreams and throw
down the falsetto men, join together with the men of the future,
'Coz I want to fly and I want to tear,
And cry out loud the valor of the Valhalla uprising."

She hugged him hard as he left for the day,
Asking him to wait and asking him to pray,
For her child and for the men,
He turned around and told her then,
We're men and we'll be men, we will win with the Valhalla uprising.

Cocking his gun and taking a stride,
He saluted to his absolute power,
Asking Him, to deliver him, to the scene of chaos,
Helping kids, saving the Men,
And thanked him, for the Valhalla uprising.

The band grew louder and came by forth,
Screaming the voice of the nation,
"The future, the future, the future is here,
not in your babies, not in your sons,
but in the Valhalla uprising and the bullets in the gun"

"We kill them all, and we kill them all,
'Coz love and tyranny never made a man stronger,
We're the future, we're the great, we are the Valhalla uprising,
Sacrifice your kids and beautiful wives,
'Coz there'll never be love in the Valhalla uprising."

"O' Maria that's my call,
For saving my tribe and saving my men,
This my call, for putting you in the transit to heaven,
There was never a uprising, there was never a faith,
Only hatred and love to my men,
There is no love, and there'll never be love,
Only blood and voice of the Gods,
In the name of Valhalla uprising"


For those who can't make out the head or tail of the poem's meaning, well, it's just an interpretation of a day dream I had a few days ago, wherein I shared the view of the world along with another person who was talking about a 'revolution' and a 'world without something' (which I don't remember). I heard Valhalla, Valhalla, Valhalla over and over again, after which I only heard about some 'victory' and all I could see was myself in a room with blood stained walls. The hero of my dream didn't have face, in fact, the dream itself didn't have a precise visual definition, but I could only hear one word, Valhalla uprising.

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