I don't know where to start so let me go straight to the point. You see a girl, wearing a mini skirt and a sleeveless top walking into a pub with her boyfriend with a cigarette in hand. What'll you say? Even though you talk about openness and gender equality in the society, you turn back, face the camera and tell everyone, 'She's a bitch'. And if I ask you why? I get a lot of answers with the most used ones being, 'Lack of Indian culture', 'Lacking culture', 'Pub culture', 'Just slutty', 'I love abusing' and the list is exhaustive. No, I'm not going to preach feminism here or give you more lascivious accounts for you to masturbate on. If that's what you wanted to read here, I'm sorry, there are far better sites on the net for you to go and ponder upon. But if you thought, wait, did I read 'culture' somewhere, then welcome - first shut that Facebook tab on the far left of your browser and set your eyes free.

Culture. Before I started working on this article, I wanted to find out the actual meaning of the word 'culture'. Once I googled the word, I knew it wasn't the kind of meaning that could be understood and assimilated in a minute. But we build our lives around this word, razing down those high structured dreams into a heap of disrespectful rubble. And the nearest meanings of 'culture' as understood by everyone are 'The tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group' and 'The attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization'. The Talibans shot down the 'Buddhas of Bamiyan' as they felt that the statues represented the Hindu 'culture' in their orthodox Islamic world. Talibans aren't popular for their religious tolerance, but then, let's take a look at another example. A Hindutva group attacked a girl in Mangalore pub because she was doing drugs and was dressed obscenely. This became the impetus for many radical groups to force their views about culture on the general public usually by the use of brute force. Sikh's being ridiculed about their turbans and Muslim women laughed (and criticized) upon in the West for their use of burqas. Why? Culture.

We Indians frown upon the 'western' culture too. We criticize the short clothes, sexual liberty and family values. Men can embrace 'western' clothing, but we still expect women to clad themselves in a 6 yard Saree or a 'chudidar'. One, it shows the insecurity of the women in India and two it shows the tolerance of the society towards men. What's wrong if a woman does not dress according to the tradition? What's wrong if two people have sex before marriage? Remember, our ancestors were like dogs too, they fucked anything that came into sight. And most importantly, we Indians are the inventors of great sex. We showed the world hundreds of ways to fuck with a simple handbook named 'Kamasutra'. Our temples our filled with numerous sculptures symbolizing eroticism. But we've decided the ultimate act of human passion is a taboo for us, the act which's the reason you and me are here today on the planet. And we fail to acknowledge the last point.A person is still the same whether he's naked or not. What's the big fuss if M.F.Hussain paints nude paintings of Hindu Goddesses or movie heroines? Isn't there something called as artistic freedom? Everybody's free to interpret things as they see it, no one has seen God till date, so his appearance can be totally left to the wild imagination of the populace. A Danish newspaper prints a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in an 'objectionable' manner. Fuck it. Prophet Mohammed himself wouldn't have bothered about a silly cartoon. Then why do you even worry? God is everyone's property, so is everything. We have the total right to see and describe things as we see, that's called freedom!

Hanging out with girls, calling out for a coffee, having a few beers, the food we eat, the movies we watch, the clothes we wear, the things we do, all of these need not have anything to do with a set of rules. We are all separate entities, we breathe own our own, we have a separate mechanism which controls us, and we live totally for ourselves. Whatever we do, whatever we must, whatever we want to do must be directly related to us. It is 'I' over 'we', it is 'me' over 'us'. No one, no one is responsible to the things you do. You live for yourself, its your own personal choice, you must do something because you want to do it. If there's anyone in this universe who can make you extremely happy and sweep you off your feet, it's you. Look at yourself in the mirror, that's how the world's most handsome person looks like. You create the law, you create your own set of rules. Remember, the persons whose names go down the pages of history books and Wikipedia are all those who wrote their own law, their own way of living. If you live a life in a recluse with not even a million people knowing about you, then your life is worthless. Recall the names of people whom you idolize, you'll be surprised to see, each one of the names on the list has a charm attached to it. Why? Because they did something that the other couldn't do. They've created a culture of their own. We're just trying to follow them like feeble amoebas. Only on the day we transcend from these small boundaries we've created over the years, my nation, my city, my culture, my, my, my, will we be able to appreciate life with better clarity. With every 'my' we're just enclosing ourselves in little, strong safes which can't be opened. We complain that the world has become darker and claustrophobic when the keys to these safes are right within us, but we don't even notice, because we're blinded by those little symbols and actions which we think define the course of our life, and we're lost, in history.

The cycle continues, we give birth to children enforce our ideas, try to spread the propaganda, and become famous. But we're locked, in trivial little safes. Remember, we don't live on forever, whatever we do, is all we're gonna do. It's better to die young and happy than live for a hundred and sulk for not asking that girl out. There's no culture, there's only freedom. We make and break rules, we write our own destiny, expecting someone else to do that for us, is simple plain folly. Wake up. At least now, tell yourself, that it's with you that you're in total love with. Tell that, and you'll know what I mean.

P.S: Look at this article from 'Time', this is what I was referring to. What if the female form is expressed in a seductive manner? Why can't FTV air its shows uncensored. As long as they're appreciated and watched, no one should object. There's no culture in this, its just plain irrationality and a proof that the country is being run by a bunch of impotent bastards.

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