The most hollow and mentally disturbing sight can be an empty dark sky in the night. Watching it, I feel that I don't exist altogether, but who am I anyway? Just a fragment of a fleck of dust in this mega mighty expanding universe. Not even that, I might even be too tiny to be considered as negligible. Then isn't everyone negligible? If everyone's fighting with one and another, what do we get? There might just be small beings inhabiting those dust particles which hover around you, equally and possibly as intelligent as you and me. Those beings think they live in an ever expanding universe, and we think the same too. But what we are doing is, surfing the ocean on grain of sand. Like seven billion viruses on a simple, negligible fleck of dust, we fight on that grain of sand. If we the most mighty and intelligent animals ever in existence think the same, just like those billions of trillions of viruses, but in fact, we're simply revolving around much stronger forces of nature.
We flaunt our tiny phones and trivial muscles, do they matter at all? We feel that we're the ignored parts of history, fact is, everyone is. History itself is something which we coined, anything that man does is nothing but an approximate equivalent to the feces of a virus. Viruses don't shit, do they? Well then, we too don't. Beauty, money, love, anger, lust, fear, war are just the byproducts of a foolish civilization. What we don't know, we will never know, but what we do know, is that, no one is special. Never. This makes me as this question, we're trivial when we compare ourselves with the magnanimity of creation, so do we even exist? Do we?


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