The last time when some asked me, "Who's Jack?", I got him chained with my starving Great Dane for a night. And the next morning there was a recess on his face where his cheeks and sinus should have been and  there was a dead look on his mighty lively face. And my Dane still likes his dried bones for his daily dessert. He wouldn't have asked for me if not for his meaty sexball with whom I had a small thrashing session, I pulled her hair and slammed her head into the longitudinal rails of the park bench. A broken nose and a disjointed jaw of his slimy sexball probably would've heated this guy's head, which now rests peacefully in the excrement of my Dane, flushed into the blue sea. I still have a feeling that my Dane will eat me someday, or probably it won't 'coz I'm planning to eat some canine stew laced with a few delicate tissues very soon.
                                                  So, this vagrant asks me, "Who's Jack"? I would've pulled her tongue till her stomach came out of her mouth, but I didn't. Dirty mouths, we don't know where they put them. I asked her, "What?" She said that she was from this women society thingie, and asked me to sign a sheet and throw a buck on her face. I asked her,"Why?". She said that the girls at her bin wanted a party for their day out. "Party?". And she says, "Yeah". "What for?" I asked her, and she replied that it was the day of the woman. Brutal. When men fear the dark, and men fear the women, this skunk asks me to help her kind? A brother of mine got mauled on the beach with the bitch he was rooting for. Bad? Men are getting raped, the scars are being visible. We've these nymphs pulling down their blouses for the law. And what're we men doing? Staring down the line and giving her a good bye-bye. We're being stashed into jail, we're being beaten and drugged, the lumps have drawn a clever ploy, it's a man against a man, kill till we die. The lump want she to win. We men don't get any chivalry, but she wants she to win. I asked her, "I'll give you a thousand bucks more than you want, what'll you do?" And she say's "I'll blow you up". "Righto, but all you need to do is kiss, dar. Come in!" She did. My Dane barked with happiness all night long. It seemed to have liked the lips of that ugly lump. And it did what I wanted to do. It pulled the tongue out, along with her throat. And I did what she said, I blew her up. And I told to my Daney, "We're men, boy. It's our day, not theirs". I suppose my Dane laughed, even if it didn't I don't bother. Because I did. It's a day, a day for us, the men.


Jack who? Click me here, I'll tell you who I am.