I always wondered how it feels to disappear without a trace and come back without anyone knowing. As if a person doesn't exist. Like P doesn't, he doesn't exist does he? I wonder if I am the one different or if it's the world. Either ways I'll prevail, because I know I will. That day in school, nineteen years ago, I put a pencil upright on his chair, just to see how he'd jump when he sat on it. It didn't work, the pencil fell down as he sat on it. They call me insane, they really do. But is Jack really insane? No! Why? Because I say that he isn't and because I've been with Jack ever since his birth. Who am I? I'm Jack. So this kid and I stole our neighbor Missus Pissy's pussy cat. We said that we'd operate on it. It purred when the kid pulled its tail. I laughed. It was funny. 
                                                      We decided that we'd sit on it, just for fun. The cat must've growled, I don't know, but it sure scratched a part of the kid's but apart. He gnarled and brought the skipping rope which we planned to use later. Our teacher call out our names. Amy. Present. Ardin. Present. She went on. "What the?.. who did this? 27!". I stood up. "Your name is K...". "It's Jack". What? Yeah Jack. The puss' blood did dampen my name. I'm Jack now. Jack why? I don't know. So, we decided that we'd stamp the kitten down and stretch its legs outwards and that we'd stand on the legs. I flipped the coin. I could feel the head of the queen kiss my palms. I won the toss, I took the front legs. It cried in a "cat"ish way. I put the rope around its neck and tied it hard. What can a twelve year old enjoy better? Shooting games in a computer? Na'ah. I pulled it hard. It started convulsing, and it stopped all of a sudden. The kid poo-ed in his pants, the dead look of the kitten shook him. I asked him, which name he feared the most. He said Jack, Jack the farmer who used to chase him down while stealing apples. Jack. I love that name, don't I? We lifted the cat up, it didn't look as pretty as before. We decided to give it to Miss P. People say Miss P never talked to anyone after she saw her cat's insides wide open on her Burmese teak table. Some say she vomited and some say she went mad. But no, I became Jack. The kid said he was hungry. I told him that the cat's guts were the food of the Gods. He believed me, and he believed me no more. 'Coz he went to the place to eat the food of the Gods. I still feel about my pencil losing that day, it could've been a nice sight. Our teacher threw me out of the class. She said that my name was K. K didn't exist just like P didn't. But I'm Jack, because I am Jack.


Jack who? Click me here, I'll tell you who I am.