Starting again from the point I've left you guys yesterday, today let's see the second part of "Top 10 scariest movie scenes of all time" (Click on the link for Part 1)

5) Jacob's Ladder:

I don't know why Adrian Lyne stopped making movies (He was attached to direct "The Town" before Ben Affleck signed up for the project) but all his movies have an ethereal quality and seemingly disturbed characters. Jacob's Ladder was probably my first brush with surrealism (or was it "The Elephant Man"? I don't know, I simply forgot) an art form so profound and fascinating that over the next few months I saw myself consumed by the beauty of the hallucinatory imagery and storylines. But even today, Jacob's Ladder is in a fair advance when compared modern day surrealistic movies. With a tagline which says "The frightening thing of Jacob Singer's dream is, he isn't dreaming", you are pretty much warned of what is to follow. In between Tim Robbins's raw and nascent emotions to Elizabeth Pena's glorious curves, there is one hell of a deeply disturbing story, almost every scene is horrific (scary would be an understatement).

Picking out one scary scene is simply difficult, but if I have to, then it's scene where Elizabeth Pena has sex with a large insect (or alien, depends upon the interpretation) as Tim Robbin's watches on. The movie is very disturbing, so the weak, the meek and the sissies stay out and the rest, I'll bet that you'll be affected for more than a week by this little gem of a movie.

4) Friday the 13th (1980):

When Sean Cunningham, producer of the 1972 cult classic "The Last House on the Left" went on to direct "Friday the 13th" he created cinematic history of sorts. With the simple concept of an indestructible villain, teenagers and great tits, he created a slasher so captivating that, major American studios started funding them. The introductory movie of the legendary villain Jason Voorhees, the movie is a sleaze lover's treat (made with a shoestring budget of $550,000 it went to amass $59 million). Has a bunch of really scary scenes (especially when Mrs. Voorhees enters the camp Crystal Lake) but the last scene of the movie where the "dead for 20 years Jason" springs up from the bottom of the Crystal Lake and attacks the fear stricken Alice rowing a canoe from behind. A perfect way to end a movie, believe me.

3) Odishon (Audition) :

Those of you who were looking for an Asian movie on the list, here it is. And mind you, it's not the cute looking, long haired ghost type movies, it is much more beautiful than that and even Eli Roth's "Hostel" looks like a joke before this horror masterpiece. I've a penchant for watching torture porn, but when it comes to the real torture part, no movie even comes to a fraction of this movie's finesse. A surrealistic tale from the land of the rising sun, Takashi Mike really goes over the top for this one. It inarguably contains the most brutal torture scene in cinema, and for a change a man is tortured by a woman. Imagine that you're paralyzed, and you are on the floor immobile. And now a woman pierces a hundred needles in your chest, into your throat and yes, into your eyes. Then, she takes wire which can go through "flesh and bone" easily and then wrings out your left foot all the time saying "Kiri kiri kiri kiri" and with a smile on her face which becomes intense with every passing moment. And yeah, it conveys the message quite competently, never fuck with women.

(There's a scene in the movie where the lead actress drinks vomit from a bowl, possibly elsewhere in the world, any director in the world would expect the heroine to ask for some hot gruel, but the lady in Audition, Eihi Shiina drank real vomit. This is enough to tell you how sick this movie is)

And full marks to Harisha for guessing this one right :)

Now, I've come to the final tier of this list, the final two movies contain the most scariest scenes I've ever seen. In fact the last two movies are the ones which actually gave me nightmares. And these are the movies which I watch over and over again. For those of you who love horror as much as I do, you will love these two movies. They're absolutely terrifying, and they are two unique versions of modern day horror.

2) The Shining:

Stanley Kubrick is God. That's it. Even David Fincher owes his distinct visual style to Kubrick. "The Shining" is the most powerful, disturbing and haunting horror ever made. To double up the after affects, just pump the volume to the maximum for better results. Well, do that if you have strong heart, if not you'd end up like potato mash sliding on the floor. Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall bring to life a relationship so terrific that'll make each and every girl out there think twice when they're dating a writer. The hero is a writer? Then is the story written by Stephen King? Yes :D

Every scene is a mini horror movie in itself (each scene is more terrifying than all those "Saw" movies combined together) it's not horror, it's poetry.

And the scene which terrifies me the most is, "The All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" scene, it's so well crafted, and poignantly visualized that the image will be imprinted in your mind for a long long time. Well, even the corpse kissing scene is equally repelling. I just couldn't get off Kubrick after this one.

Trivia: "The Shining" is the probably the best received horror movie in film history, but the author Stephen King felt that the movie was made by a person who thought too much and felt too little.
The scene where the caretaker explains to Danny about the "The Shining" has a unique world record attached to it. It's the scene with the maximum number of retakes in world cinema (138 retakes) and that is followed by the "Shelly hitting Jack on the head" scene which took a 100 retakes. No wonder Kubrick's movie's are so perfect.

And here comes the best part. You won't believe me on this one. Even I couldn't believe it at first. Stanley Kubrick and Shelly Duvall got nominated for the "Worst Director" and "Worst Actress" at the Razzies. Now I know that I needn't believe the Razzie shit anymore.

And Omkar and Harisha (hit the bull's eye twice), bingo!

1) Zodiac:

No movie till date has made me go sleepless. And I thought no movie could ever give me a nightmare. Then came David Fincher with "Zodiac" and I cried that night. Last year, sometime in July I watched this movie and that's the only time I've stayed up the whole night, even scared of the moving curtains fearing that Zodiac killer hiding behind them would jump forward any moment garroting me. I could in fact see the killer. I could feel him, I was hallucinated. And I was drugged, all by this little movie named "Zodiac". The movie is technically speaking not a horror movie. But well, the very idea of a serial killer on the loose is terrifying. I felt like as if I were in the 60's, watching the Zodiac killer kill his victims. I could feel his emotions reaching an orgasm as he smelt blood. There are two or three minor scares. But the one where I popped up comes in the end, when Jake Gyllenhal goes to a theater owner's house following a tip which says that the Zodiac killer once worked for him.
Jake goes in carrying a cheap poster of movie speculated to be written by the Zodiac himself ( a handwriting analysis confirms it). The theater owner turns and tells him, that he wrote all the posters, not his assistants. And my heart dropped. There' more excitement in this scene for about five minutes, it's tough to explain and even I don't want to spoil the fun. Just watch the movie. The way the movie ends, the facts, the real happenings all of it contribute to the horror element. And it is proved again,that there's nothing more chilling and horrifying than the human mind.
And Fincher is the Stanley Kubrick of our generation. There's no one like him.

And after bearing with the horror of this movie, I guess I can stand any other horror movie, because nothing is as haunting as the "Zodiac"

Runner's Up:

1) Full Metal Jacket [The fat guy's shooting scene] (Kubrick :D)
2) When a Stranger Calls [The starting and the ending]
3) The Brood [Samantha Eggar's scene in the end]
4) Fatal Attraction: [Bunny Boiler/Alex's scene in the bathtub] (Adriane Lyne)

That's it folks? What are your scariest movie moments? Did you like mine? Sharing is the best part of the horror movie watching experience so share your views and the movies you know about. I'll be continuing this with more posts lined up this month. So post up your comments or join my Facebook fanpage here. Thanks :)

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