Ever since the movie industry started spitting out movies, horror movies were the first ones to adapt to change. New camera angles, color, special effects, 3D, CGI, and whatnot, every new product tailored for the cinema industry has been first tested on horror movies. And why's that so? One, because people don't get scared easily, a cheap trick can scare a person once or twice but not repeatedly every Friday in the entire year. In fact the horror movie fans are more mutant to the subjects/scares than any other organism in this world. First it started with Vampires and ghosts, now it's all about the complexity and the psychological tension. And two, horror movie fans are very loyal to their roots, if Friday the 13th and The Nightmare on the Elm Street franchises have managed to spawn 10 movies each in three decades, that's only because of the fans. No other genre of cinema enjoys having as many as sub genres as the horror genre (A sub genre of horror movies, exploitation genre itself has nearly 20 odd sub genres, whereas the much popular crime genre has only 20 odd sub genres).

As a movie buff I've been fascinated by horror movies ever since I was a kid and as years progressed, I became more and more loyal to the most vibrant movie genres of all time. My personal favorite genres of horror are psychological horror, rape/revenge movies, splatter movies and torture porn. And for me the 70's were the best years for horror, as many of the sub genres have been invented in that decade. The ever green boobs, babes and scares format is perennial mood enhancer, as nothing beats the shit out of cheesy acting and cheap thrills. Any given day I can talk loads and loads about horror movies, but today I'll only be concentrating on the 10 extremely chilling horror movie scenes in the history of cinema. The list contains quite a few spoilers, so those of you who don't want to blame me later, just take a glance at the movie names and scoot away to watch them.

10) Psycho:

The most represented movie in nearly all the horror/thriller movie lists in the world, Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" is in a league of its own. Hitchcock the father of modern day thrillers, who also reinvented horror with this 1960 masterpiece became immortal with this movie. The infamous bathroom scene purportedly scared the audience to such an extent that many of them complained that their trip to the bathroom was never the same after "Psycho". But for me, the most memorable yet haunting scene comes in the end, where Norman Bates (in his mother's character) says,

"Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching... they'll see. They'll see and they'll know, and they'll say, "Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly..."

and there's a close up of Norman's face (with a trademark sinister face) which morphs into the skull of his mother. That scene nearly made me sleepless that night.

9) Se7en:

This movie introduced to me the brilliance of a man named David Fincher. In the first half hour of this movie I decided that I'll be watching all of his movies (and I did! Did I get rewarded? Yes, Fight Club :) ). The perpetually raining New York city, the dark imagery and the grisly setting with unique camera work and picture quality, Se7en enjoys a rare achievement than the other movies on this list, it's visually and technically the best. The story about a psychotic, religious fanatic who tortures his victims according to the seven sins, and two police officers who are in pursuit of this killer. All the killings are horrific, but the "Sloth" killing stands apart from the rest, with a disturbing visual which can make even the boldest of the viewers pee in their pants.

8) Misery:

A Stephen King novel adaptation? Then that sure means a sleepless night. A claustrophobic setting about a neurotic nurse (Anne Wilkes played by Kathy Bates) who saves her favorite author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) from a car wreck and brings him back to good health with polite manners interspersed violent emotional attacks, every scene with Anne getting angry is chilling. But the one scene which defines the darkest shade of the character is when she breaks the ankles of her favorite author with a sledgehammer, and says, "You will thank me Paul". Classic.

7) Suspiria:

Plastered with a hideous tagline, "The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92." the movie creates a hype before you even see it. And by the given norm of how horror movies seldom live up to the brilliance of their movie posters or taglines, your hopes will be faltered. But the interesting fact is, the tagline is true. My favorite Italian giallo and giallo maestro Dario Argento's most critically acclaimed movie till date has a visual grandeur way ahead of its times. That when mixed with the deadly Gothic (and ghoulish) music, you'll have the most chilling movie experience ever. But, the first 12 minutes are too scary to be tolerated even by the most seasoned horror movie buff. Watch it, and you'll thank me, screaming.

6) Le Locataire (The Tenant) :

No matter how bad he is considered to be, Roman Polanski is a man equivalent to God when it comes to creating an atmosphere of tension and horror. In crisp Technicolor (the best film format in my opinion) it catches the essence of the 70's in an effervescent manner. Starring Roman Polanski in the lead role, the film captures the true element of psychological horror in a subtle manner. I loved each and every frame of the movie, but the scenes near the end where Roman Polanski loses his sanity and dresses up as a woman and prepares for a suicide. The movie is great because it's brilliance hasn't been matched till date. And please watch the French original, if you find a dubbed version, better forget about watching the movie.

P.S.: Isabelle Adjani's beauty is as lethal as the entire movie. So beware!

For the next 5 scariest movie scenes, watch out this space tomorrow. :)

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