Hello folks,
I'm back here after a long time taking a break from crime/horror fiction. For those who know me, apart from writing my second love has always been movies. From B-Graders to the boring crap Bollywood capers, from the early slashers to the ultra hi-fi sci-fi's anything with moving images makes my day. This is a small attempt to combine two things which define life for me, movies and writing. Starting today, till January 1, 2011, I'll be updating this space with short, crisp reviews of movies which helped me obviate boredom or tantalized my exhausted grey cells. So here I go.

Movie #1:  Gunda 

                                      This movie to put in one single word is outrageously brilliant. While I was scouring for that perfect B-movie fix, I discovered this little gem (I have a poor knowledge of Bollywood's cheapo imports, so excuse me here) which's so subtle and intricate that it is power packed with nearly all the B-movie cliches under the sun. From Mithunda's overtly gripping, macabre portrayal of Shankar to Mukesh Rushi's over the top display of villainy as Bhulla, Gunda is a must watch for all the sleaze lovers out there. With a taut script which redefines the storytelling ability of Indian's, Gunda simply changed the way the world looks towards Indian cinema. Supposedly, the
American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences underwent a lot of criticism when it failed to consider Gunda into the final five for the best foreign picture nod. Renowned movie critic Rober Ebert once famously said, "There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who have watched Gunda and those who haven't" This remark is a small proof of the brilliance of the movie.   
Inconspicuously comic and technically brilliant, this movie will make sure that you fall enough number of times from your chair, so I'd recommend you to book a slot with your chiropractor before you start watching it.

The movie will leave a lot of room for thought, and Gunda is a perfect case study for all those MBA aspirants who are breaking their heads on lousy logical reasoning problems, use all your might to decipher the reason why all the ladies in the film are molested with their clothes on or ever better, answer this: 

Did Mithun work as a coolie at the Airport or the shipyard?

Watch a piece of the movie's brilliance before scrolling down for the answer:

Ans- Both. By day, he was at the ship yard (he is seen at the dock in the monings)
By evening, his shift is at the airport (in his entry scene at the airport, he had just arrived for duty, when he happened to stop the takla goon)
Which leads him to reach home late at night (scene where he enters and asks for his sis)
Working two shifts allowed him to maintain his extravagant life "style" (Courtesy: Gunda: What the FAQ??!! )