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Based on a True Story.

I turned ten two months ago. Amma said that I was growing up pretty fast and that I have to take care of the house. I felt happy, because I always wanted to grow up. I always used to tell Elephenta the same thing. Elephenta just used to state into my eyes and stay silent. I wished him happy birthday that day. Because he turned two that day. Amma sewed Elephenta for my eighth birthday and since then he was my favorite friend. Even Niti my best friend at school used to fight with me but Elephenta didn’t, I always kissed him at night and hugged him tight in my sleep. That night, when I turned twelve, Amma said that I have to behave like a good girl. I told her that I was a good girl. She smiled and said that this was the chance for me to become like her, you know I always wanted to become like Amma. I was excited; I asked her if I was going to have a pretty baby girl like me.
I don’t know what happened but Amma started crying, she told me that she was going to meet God and that I had to take care of home and Appa. I didn’t understand, but I asked her to say hello to God and ask him to send me a cycle. Amma started crying, somehow I too felt like crying, I cried too and probably Elephenta cried too. That night the doctor said that Amma went to see God. But he was lying, because I saw Amma the next day, she was sleeping on a metal bed. I tried to wake her up, but she didn’t wake up. Everyone was crying, I then noticed that someone put cotton buds into her nostrils. How can they play with her when she is sleeping? I removed both of them and threw them down. Everyone thought that Amma went to meet God but only I know the truth, Appa killed Amma. Because that evening they took Amma to a park (and she was still sleeping, I don’t know why) and they put her on a pile of sticks. And Appa lit fire to those sticks when Amma was still there, I cried, I asked him to not to do that but he wouldn’t listen. Amma burned and everyone was still crying.


So today when I was cleaning the house, my stomach started aching. It felt as if my stomach was becoming smaller. I dropped the broom down, and I fell onto my knees, I caught my stomach and pressed it hard, but the pain didn’t go away. I looked down and my eyes popped up in fear. There was blood on the broom and the brown cotton skirt which Amma stitched for me had a dark stain. I ran towards the bathroom and it was then I realized that my legs were all wet, there was something that was going on between my legs and I could feel it. I locked myself in the bathroom and I cried. The pain was killing me, and the blood stained the white tiled bathroom floor. I thought that I was going to die. There was blood on my hands too, in fact there was blood everywhere, and with that there was a stench that was slowly taking over the ammoniac odor of the bathroom. The stench reminded me of Amma. I cried out, I thought that I’d die but no one heard me. I groped around and caught hold of the sink. I clung to it hard and I got up. I was shivering, is this death? Appa’s towel was hanging on a hook towards the left of the sink. I grabbed it and put it between my legs. I could feel the blood dripping down, slithering on my things, but it didn’t fall down. I threw the skirt away and went out to get a new one.

I told Elephenta what happened to me. I told him that I wasn’t feeling like myself. Elephenta just stared into my face. What would he understand anyway? I didn’t feel like having my lunch, the pain still persisted and I had a feeling that the towel was constantly getting wet. I slept on the floor thinking of Amma. Where was she when I needed her the most? Won't she come back? God! I need her.

Appa woke me up today in the evening. I didn’t feel like waking up, but he slapped me hard and I knew that I had to get up.
“Why are you sleeping? Have you done the cooking?”
“Appa, I… I… I was not feeling well. I…”
“Useless mongrel, wasting my money and my time. All you need is a sound thrashing “. Shankar twisted Sita’s arm and slapped her squarely in the back. Sita whimpered in pain.
“Appa, no! I… I…”
“Stand up kid!”
“Appa, I…”

“When I said stand up, you should stand up, you…”
Why did Appa become so mad at me? Ever since Amma died he was like this, drinking some golden liquid and coming home and thrashing her. Where is Amma when I need her?
Sita stood up. Shankar still didn’t let go of her hand which he twisted behind her back. Sita wailed and asked him to stop, but Shankar didn’t oblige, he just punched her harder in the stomach.
“Appa, stop it! Aaaah!”
Sita tried fidgeting out of his grasp but couldn’t. In the flutter, the towel between her legs feel down, and Shankar saw it.
“Is that my towel?”
“Appa, I…I… Today I…”

“What’s this? Is this… is this blood?”
Shankar lifted the towel and smelled it. He put it against the light and gave it a look before knocking Sita onto the floor.
“You ugly impure bitch, what did you do to my towel? Bloody whore! You’ve stained it, you…”
Shankar kicked Sita in her stomach. Sita lay on the floor wailing and asking Shankar for mercy.
“Apaaa. Please…I didn’t ….”
Sita tried holding those feet which were in an endless fury, belting out kicks in her abdomen but in vain.
“You’re going to pay for it, you unholy…”

Shankar bent down and dragged her clutching her long hair and then rammed her head into the bedpost and then thrust her face down onto the floor and kicked her head again into the bedpost. Fucking bitch. Sita dropped unconscious and three of her teeth fell across the floor. Blood oozed from her mouth and there was long, deep gash across her forehead. Shankar bent down and put his fingers near her nostrils. After he was convinced that she was still alive he stood up to go away only when a part of Sita’s belly caught his. Her blouse moved and her belly button caught his eye. Shankar, who missed being with his wife for two months, who missed the warmth of her body for six months simply couldn’t resist. He sat down again, only this time he ripped off Sita’s clothes and took off his too, only to the unexpected.

Shankar woke up the next morning and looked around. He got up mumbling something and realized that he didn’t have any clothes on him. Last night’s heady hangover didn’t leave him and he swayed towards the bed where the clothes lay. He stared towards the bed and his eyes popped out. The bed sheet was completely stained with blood and a naked Sita lay on it life less. Unmindful of the previous night’s act he quickly moved forward and checked Sita’s pulse, it was weak. He got her dressed and then rushed out of the house to call the village doctor.

5 months later:

“What will you do with your daughter?”
“Look, I’m ready to do anything for you, what do you want me to do with her?”
“I heard that Mangu Pandey knows some agent in Chennai, let’s sell her to them”
“Sell her?”
“Yes sell her”
“But what? How do you think we’ll get the money for our new house Shankar? Sell her and after we get married I’ll see that I’ll deliver as many children as you want”
“Why wait till the marriage, I want one now”
“So are we selling her?”
“Arre, Pandu, we’ll sell her after the marriage otherwise everyone will raise doubts, now I want to make a baby with you now…”

I spend most of my day crying. After that day, Appa didn’t let me go out of that room. I was locked inside and Appa brought me food sometimes. At times he just came into the room and opened his clothes and asked me to do the same too. He said that Amma used to do these things with him and since I was his daughter I should do the same too. He used to put something into me, it was painful in the start but I got used to it later. I felt bad doing it, but Appa never listened to me. It went on for days and suddenly he stopped doing it. Rashes developed on my skin and many times I asked him to let me out but he didn’t bulge. I told him that I’d be a good girl and that I’d behave well. Appa didn’t reply. And then he didn’t come for a week. I was thirsty and I drank from the bathroom and I had nothing to eat. The soap in the bathroom tasted choky but it satisfied my hunger. Then again he started coming, but he used to stay in the room only for a moment. He used to throw in some food and disappear again. Amma, where are you when I need you the most?

1 year later:
“Krishna, go to my house and get my suitcase will you?”
“Ji Saab, I’ll go now”
Krishna Prasad cycled his way to Shankar’s house to get his suitcase. Krishna worked at Mythilli’s house to whom Shankar was getting married. He went inside Shankar’s house searching for the suitcase which Shankar said was under some sofa or a bed. Krishna started searching below every piece of furniture when he heard a feeble cry from one of the room.
“Who is it?”
“Appa? Please open the door!”
“This is Krishna, who is it?”
“I’m.. I’m Sita! Shankar’s daughter, can you open the door?”
Krishna looked confused. He never remembered Shankar mentioning about his daughter. He walked towards the direction from where the voice came.
“Where are you?”
“In here! Appa just locked me in and forgot about it, please open!”
“Krishna stood opposite to the door. It was bolted from the outside. He opened the door and looked in.
“Please, don’t come in. I’ll come out in five minutes, you go with your work, I’ll tell Appa that you’ve come”
Krishna didn’t know what to do. Being the village simpleton he was, life was never that easy. He finally found the suitcase and scurried out of the house.
Mythilli’s house was decorated completely to the fervor attached to the marriage. It was brightly lit with little incandescent bulbs wrapped in colored paper which were hung across the length and breadth of the house. There were hundreds of chairs arranged in neat rows outside the large space opposite to the house. The chairs faced a bright, well lit Dias that was filled to the brim with coconut leaves and other religious paraphernalia. The bride and the bridegroom took their places on their Dias and the priest started reading out the prayers. After the customary vows made to the fire God, the actual wedding process started amidst the cheers and rejoicing of the friends and relatives of both the families.

Somewhere near Mythilli’s house a lone figure dragged itself towards the house of celebration with tedious attempts to stay upright. But that day, at 7 in the evening, the entire village of Narsapur was dancing to the tunes of band that played at Shankar and Mythilli’s wedding. The figure tried fell down and writhed in pain. No one cared. This time, the silhouette crawled on the streets of Narsapur timidly trying to reach its destination. And it started raining.

“Appa! S….Stop!”
No one heard her. The songs blaring out of the speakers made her scream a drop in the ocean, everyone danced to it. She cried, her pain started increasing exponentially, she felt as if her fat tummy felt was falling down. She started bleeding, but she crawled forward not minding the pain she was suffering. The grass brushed against her exposed tummy, he little blouse only managing to cover her fragile breasts. She moved a bit further and then someone noticed her.
“Look there’s an urchin there! Shoo her away someone! Krishna!...”
Krishna came running towards her and shouted, “Hey, this not a temple go out! I…” Krishna, the village simpleton was aghast.
“Blood! Blood! Blood!” He cried and started running towards the person who gave him the order. Sita, saw that and smiled. At last! And everything went black.

“Move aside, I’m a doctor, let me see”
Radhika pushed her way through the now brooding crowd and sat beside Sita!
“My my! This girl is pregnant, she’s breaking water! Everybody, move out from here quick! Somebody get me some towels and hot water. And you get me a saree will you?”
Amma! Where are you?
“Appa! Shankar is my Appa! I… Appa!”

The villagers surrounded the girl once again, the doctor held a baby in her hands. It was deformed. A part of its head was missing and there was a massive tumor on its chest.
“The baby is in critical condition, someone get a vehicle we need…”
Sita moved and looked towards Radhika, “Wait, appa, Shankar, married to…. Mythilli”
“Call Shankar immediately!”
Shankar walked quietly through the crowd and stood beside Radhika.
“Is this your daughter?” Radhika asked holding the newborn baby in hand and pointing towards Sita.
“How old is she?”
“Ten? Who is the father to this child? Whom did you marry…”
“I don’t know! She said someone ra…”
“Appa… Appa… Appa put that thing inside me. He did it, he said Amma…”
And the baby stopped crying. The crowd looked tense, Radhika looked panicky. She quickly spanked the boy on his back. She didn’t hear a sound. She put her ear to the boys deformed chest and she couldn’t hear a beat.
“He’s dead”

Sita tried to get to up, but she fell back on her elbows.
“Have I become like Amma now? She said I would become like her one day”
Radhika looked at the hapless soul that was talking to her. She didn’t know what to say.
“Who, who did this to you?”
“The baby, who…”
“Ma sen… no, God…”
“Child, were you ever touc…hed by anyone when you didn’t want to? Did anyone ask you to do… I mean, remove your clothes?”
“Ap…Appa did, he said I’ll be like…Ma”
“Your Appa, used to see you…”
Radhika knew the answer before Sita tried to mutter it out. It was written all across her.
“Catch him! He did it, he did it to this poor girl, catch that Shan…”
And Shankar slowly slid past the now lumbering mob, into the dark streets of Narsapur. Somewhere not far away, the animals were being sacrificed for the residing deity of the local temple. Revelers were dancing to the chaotic hymns of their deity, their idol. Shankar ran through those dark lanes and finally found himself in the lap of God amidst the celebrations. He knew that he had made his escape. But what he didn’t know was that, the entire village of Narsapur was just behind him wielding sickles and knives.

What followed later was so sickening that even the police didn’t have the guts to approach the crime scene. One story that did the circles was that, Shankar’s head was cracked open and his brains were applied to the deity in her honor. The police only managed to find Shankar’s skin as the blood and the bones found their way into the gutter through the drainage. The celebrations continued in full gusto, with the revelers doubling their energy. A few kilometers away, Sita felt happy too, as she felt her Amma was celebrating that at last her daughter was coming to meet her. I am coming Amma, to meet you!


Note: This story was concocted by me based on a small newspaper clipping that got published in a local newspaper a few days ago, wherein a youth raped his neighbor's 4 year old daughter. The story could've taken place anywhere on this planet, because the world is as such. :)

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