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Daniels put his arms around her now bulging waist and asked, “Will you marry me?”
A flash of pink spread across her face. But Maria didn’t reply. Daniels bent down and lifted up Maria’s skirt. He slowly massaged her belly and planted a small little kiss on it.
“What’ll you name him?”
“I’ll name him Daniels” and Maria hid her face in her hands as Daniels proceeded upwards kissing passionately.
The erotic silence in the room was interrupted by the blast of a siren outside.
“What’s that?”
“Maria, promise me that you’ll take good care of the baby”
“Why did you get that doubt Daniels?”
“…you owe the country. Give it back what it gave you. Help it to fight the enemy. Wouldn’t you save your mother from a cri…”.
“The war, Maria. I think I’ve gotta fight the war”
“Please take care of the baby darling”

…fight for our children, our wives and ourselves.”
The sky was overcast, a layer of grey clouds looked upon the soldiers.
“…the train for Kremlin will now leave in fifteen minutes”
“Daniels, Daniels, please, can’t you run away? For the baby, Daniels. Please?”
“I have to go Maria, please understand”
And Daniels left. He became one amongst the thousands that set for the west, the slaughterhouse of men.
“…hail the holy Mary, for the Son will come”. The song echoed through the air, and the train became a tiny speck and dissolved into the horizon.

I can’t live without you Daniels. I can’t live with your memories. I’ve lost Dominic and I can’t lose you now. I know that you’re not coming back. They’ll never let you come back Daniels; the kid in my womb shouldn’t have the country as its father. I can’t raise the kid; it’ll be like raising you all over again.. I won’t give the country another soldier to take away. I’ll be alone anyway.

One, two, three cups of grain distilled vodka from Omsk. I no longer felt myself. I climbed up the brick wall and jumped two storeys’s down and landed on my stomach.  I felt like a bullet punched its way through my vagina, I couldn’t breathe.


I woke up in a slew of blood and bodily fluids. I couldn’t move my legs, there was something between them. I stank of urine and something I don’t know. I could feel a lump between my legs. I lifted my skirt, only to find bloody muscle covered blood. My insides pained like never before. What seemed to be like a leg protruded out. I pulled; my labia gave way for more muscle and blood. I couldn’t tell if it was baby Daniels or Daniella. It had no face; it made me worry about Daniels. This thing dangled from a wire in the insides, I bit it and dug the piece of muscle under Daniels favorite tree. I wonder where he is, was he fighting the dust or was the dust fighting him?

“…this is Radio Moscow filling in. The Kremlin regiment soldiers who started fighting the Germans a two months ago, have finally succeeded in bringing the area under Russian control. It’s now reported that the soldiers will be sent hom… ”
Daniels? No! What about the baby?
Maria looked down. Her breasts drooped and she could see her feet clearly. Eight months since he’d gone. What should I tell him?
He’ll think I’ve never loved him. He’ll think I faked it. No, I can’t lose Daniels.
“…reports indicate that the Krakatov Bridge was blown by the German army. About 40,000 soldiers of the Kraminov regiment are left stranded in the Bremsklin peninsula. The country’s been cut into two…”
I have time.


  That night I wore my tightest skirt. I cut the neck its neck to enhance my cleavage, the symbol of the Great Russian fetish. I sacrifice myself, and compete against the cheap Russian floozies.
I was still young, and I needed someone to make my bond with Daniels complete. I walked down to the docks on the hunt for my animal. The last thing that either went in our out of my body was my baby, and I want him again. I can’t live without you Daniels.
I’m a soldiers wife and I was fighting for my husband. I walked around and I found my prey.
I sweat like never before that night. I’ve tasted three men, and I couldn’t take more. I couldn’t walk, ‘twas like the baby was in my legs again.
I’ll be yours Daniels.


A month passed, and still I didn’t get my flows. And I was happy again.
8 Months Later:
“…the soldiers are back, and families a…”
Daniels is back!
I could hear the trumpet and the march being played. I caressed my stomach; I could feel my baby trying to get out of me..  I am the gift, Daniels.
“Tina, hand me the towels, the water’s breaking. Maria, push, harder…”
I felt like a thousand fists punching me from the insides. I could hear the march coming nearer. I’ll be yours Daniels. And everything went black.
“Maria, here’s your baby Daniella”
The baby felt just like him, Daniels was feminine at heart.
I couldn’t hear the march or the trumpets. Is it midnight? But I could see the sunlight reflected from the chandeliers above.
“Where is Daniels?”
“Maria, you need to feed the baby and rest now”
I could hear someone crying outside.
“Who’s that crying?”
“It’s nothing dear, you need to rest”
Was Daniels wounded?
I couldn’t bear the tricks my mind was playing upon me. I got up with the baby and went out, hoping to find everyone giving a teary welcome to Daniels.
Daniels was smiling, he had a rifle in one hand, and the other wasn’t visible. Behind the photo was a wooden box draped in the Russian flag.
“We’re sorry Maria; he was killed in a firing a few weeks a…”
 “Poor thing, she just had his baby”
I did. 


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