Terabytes of information get created every minute. Terabytes and terabytes of zeroes and ones. Lost in the ocean of the binary digits, is a very miniscule and mathematically negligible quantity of bits and bytes. The small little electromagnetic pulses etched on little, hard magnetic sectors of giant servers that define you as an individual. Just like a mad, over optimistic fisherman, who tries to kill the entire fish population on the face of the earth by increasing the salt level in the ocean by peeing in it. Little electronic pulses circuit the globe as we talk, from under the sea, beneath your and bed and what not, they are at this moment travelling over your head and through it too. Little pulses of electricity which bear the signatures of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin all over them. They are not in your house, they are not in your cables, and they are not in your pants. In fact, they are not anywhere but they are everywhere, random, without a fixed place. Short, repetitive and dead.
                                                    Every night and day, these little packets of random information travel from countless points, zigzagging through and time becoming as elementary as the fundamental dimensions. Homework sick school children, work hating professionals, delusional teenagers, housewives, you, me and everyone else sit up to send these small, random electric pulses of ones and twos, the digital signatures all around the world and try to pee in the ocean of data, hoping to sail the digital seas with the flag flapping wide, and to make our presence known. We do not know where we are peeing. And finally it all sums up. We read the fat, stinking shit made of the basic numbers, zero and one. Blame the Indians and Romans for it. We watch porn, read gossip, spread viruses, hate, war, greed, passion, lust and virtually every sin, in those tiny, little, unsuspecting packets of data. In short, if one fisherman pees in the ocean, there won’t be any change. If every other person pees in the ocean, then definitely, the tuna on your plate will be pickled in urea and will be smelling of cheap ammonia. The next big war will not be fought for land or women it will be fought for that little fraction of pee in the water.
                                                   Our forefathers have always predicted about decay in the atomic and psychological perspectives. Oppenheimer gave life to one and the sadistic youth kindled fire into the other prediction. Drug influenced, sexually charged youth who make the birds of peace their delicacies alongside with bottles of beer. But those engineers, the college bred white collar workers at IBM and Intel had a different idea. They decided to feed their laziness in their office cubicles and slowly the laziness started spreading virally. Technology has evolved according to man’s need, man’s need varied according to the comfort levels and these comfort levels depended entirely on laziness. Laziness fuels all the technological advances and going by the sales of the silicon chips, laziness is highly profitable. These little engineers created a society so complex, that their predecessors even failed to think of. This resulted in the development of silicon addicted, socially unviable, lipid human masses for whom the society lay in the radio waves and the internet data cards. They created a new address for urban dystopia. Welcome to the digital age.
                                              Someone once said, “The third world war if fought will be for water and it will wipe half the earth away”. Well, the poor soul who said these lines must be in heaven now, spending an eternity on thinking of a way to take his words back. The third world war has started; it’s bigger and slyer now. The previous wars proved one thing; psychological scars are difficult to heal than the physical ones. Unknowingly, four billion people have got themselves involved in the single largest mental slaughterhouse. The four billion people are now fighting for control over the 0’s and 1’s. The elements have evolved. The land is for walking, air is for breathing, the fire is for smoking and silicon is for living. Today’s disturbed youth left the streets for good. Their disturbance resonates perfectly with the disturbed electric pulses. They are in dangerous places as never before, in our homes. Scams, scandals, prostitution, porn, gambling, you name it, you’ll have it. The mafia has evolved. The pedophiles lurking around schools in search of meat needn’t do the same anymore, little children to old women all in one click. You rape her and then you stream her, no names and at times no faces. Stalkers needn’t be behind your bus seats anymore, whistling, howling and touching you. They can be in Africa and still stalk you to the fullest. Every pixel you own is every pixel they own. Who knows, you may be the model at the end of the road posing for some B-grade lingerie. You will never know what hit you, but by the time you even realize it, half the world would’ve already gang raped you. It’s no more a secret, there’s nothing profitable than girls and information. It’s the very basic idea around which the internet has been designed. Girls and information.            

                                           The battle of four billion is being lead headless, without a leader. Just like the amoeba, it infests and divides. The great battle for pee in the ocean has begun but it has no end. Just like everything dissipates and dissolves the human community will become the same. Sanity will be a thing of the past, one day in the future, it may be you or it may be me, we will also get infested by this rot. Darwin would’ve been amused, the circle of life. We evolve in a circle. Whenever a civilization reaches its peak it falls, everything that goes up has to come down, we will be monkeys again, scratching each other’s arse and picking up lice. Bits and bytes, that’s all that will be left. 


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