I stared at the clock on the Edgeback hill,
Seconds passed by and so did the hours,
I stared and stared till the time became still,
Thoughts opened up and spread without my will.

Nascent showers poured from heaven,
The wind blew the dust from deep within,
My hazy, void life wanted to break even,
Blood, vice and game were all it took.

Rings of smoke vaporized into thin air,
And bullets of guilt bored holes through my skull,
Pain in and pain out till life came to a stop,
And my spineless soul drifted away from the malaise within.

I stared at the clock on the Edgeback hill,
People went by and cars ran in,
Like thick little maggots filled with sin,
But no one cared for more, as I lay like a corpse,

On the brinks of the shadows of the Edgeback hill,
Is just me or am I dreaming still?
Please tell me the fate of my soul,
Untouched and pure, or devoured by the grubs below.


Note: It has been sometime since I've written anything and this poem is a part of 10 poems I've written a while ago. It's deals with my favorite subject, Life and death and the line between. I'll be back with my stories soon, hopefully you guys will read another crime story for the tenth edition of Blog a Ton. Till then, cheers!