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It’s a common belief that a cockroach can survive nuclear annihilation. And the Obrovitz province proved it. The last piece of habitable land on Earth, Obrovitz proved that the nuclear dust disintegrated everything into it. But nature gave a second chance, the ‘cloud’ managed to evaporate all but the last living cockroach on the Earth, nudged safely between a beds of rocks, 2000 feet below the sea level. This cerise tinged arthropod failed to succumb to the battle of the atoms. It became the future.
“To what pleasure do I have you here Morok Chaufer? You are the bag of scum that the Earth can no longer take, in fact Chaufer, you’ve signed the death warrant all by yourself. It’s time for throwing you out into the nuclear pancake, Chaufer. Get ready”
The man in the nuclear jumpsuit talked in brisk effervescence. His cacophonous synchronized words only meant one thing to me, death.
I am no wrong doer and I’m no criminal. I’m just an alien from the past visiting my land in the future. And my fellow brothers mistake me for a murderer and even threatening to kill me. I was sitting there, sitting in the middle of a fused sand desert, of ailing storms and decaying carcasses, breathing ionized air, so artificial that my nasal tract began to burn and the drone from the 500 ton Oxigenator outside that didn’t stop. I was not who I was anymore.
In an age where second graders talk about fucking their moms and porn becomes the paradigm of marital life, the disintegration of human bonding was never this near. The growing emotional unbalance released a war within but before it was even fought, man lost it. The reason for the war is unknown. And I have no answer for who ordered the Earth to be bombed. But the end result is clear, if the Dinosaur can be extinct so can man. Looking back now, there’s no history and no geography. There is no art and there is no entertainment. Man became his own guinea pig; he became the worthless pile of shit he never wanted to become. Neither can he fuck nor can he exercise his taste buds. In short, man became the one thing he never wanted to become.
Crunch. The departmental head of the Human security committee was busy chomping away his food. The white fluid made an artistic patchwork around his mouth. The little being shuddered for a moment before being gobbled down his throat.
“Cockroaches! They make nice meals don’t they?”
It’s the truth, after the complete burnout the only edible thing other than human flesh itself was cockroaches. The Roach production facility two miles away from the center had the one of the largest colonies of roaches on the earth. With over 10 billion roaches, the Roach factory was the only thing humans could sustain upon. If not for the last roach on earth, this wouldn’t have been possible.
“Want a plate Chaufer?”
“No thanks!”
“Let’s get straight to business then. My men found you with a detailed map of the center, with all the positions of all the guards marked accurately and finally, with half a syringe of plutonium. My my, dear Chaufer, what do you have to say?”
“I’ve come here to complain abou…”

“Where are you from Morok Chaufer? You’re not from here are you? And you can’t be from any other part of the world. I’m all ears, tell me Chaufer”
“I’m from the past, Inspector Stenström. “
“What? This, my dear is no asylum and it’s not a fuckin club either, tell me the truth Chaufer, or it’d be just a matter of seconds before I throw you out of the center, into the large pall of doom outside”
Imagine a person running around a tree. He runs around trying to catch himself, but Alas! He can’t. If the same person were to run at the speed of light, around the same tree, he can kiss his ass. The whole world comes to a standstill. There is no motion what so ever. You travel with the speed of light, and then there is nothing than bright spots of what used to be light. There is no real you, there is only ethereal beauty. When you run beyond the speed of light, the time slows down with respect to you, and you enter the fucking future.

“Like that Sir, I, Morok Chaufer entered 72.476 years into the future using a simple beam tachyon ejector, hurling myself into a long, graceful trajectory, surviving past the ‘cloud’ and ending up here”
“Look Chaufer, can you explain the charts and the plutonium? I’ll look into the ‘I am the time man’ shit later, can you convince me?”

“I was dead yesterday, Sir”
“You’ve heard me right, I’ve been dead yesterday”
"And you are alive now? What's this bul..."
"I've been dead yesterday, I'm longer in that timeline"
“Stop playing with me Chaufer, this is no fuckin joke!”
“I’ll kill you, you sick little fuck”
“Amanda please, I never laid a finger on her, I didn’t even touch her”
“I’ll show what it means, you bastard. You tell me that the video is fake? I’ll blast a hole through your balls, that way you’d never really lay your finger on a woman again”
“Amanda, no. Listen, no! Aman…”

Bang. The Tachyon ejector whirred to a start. The bullet approached and I took off with the speed of light, but a small fraction of a second cost my life. The bullet made a hole through my balls and I took off, leaving my pissed wife behind.
“How can you be dead then?”
“I am right now, I am in the future remember? That fraction of a second cost my balls, but not my life. I’m still in the future, technically the bullet is still 72.476 years behind me, but I’m still living the very next day of my life. I’m a man of two worlds, two universes to be particular. Killed in one and going to be killed in another. I, inspector Stenström am torn between two worlds. I’m at the crossroads of the past, the present and the future. I’m nobody”

“But Morok, you still didn’t explain the map and the plutonium”
“Remember the Ouagadougou Conference, Inspector?”
“Oudou.. what?”
“Sorry for testing your history, but before you were born Inspector, there was a world you cannot even imagine of, Inspector, if I’m the nobody of time then you are the same of history.”
“Can you be clear?”

“The Ouagadougou Conference was then the biggest conference on the earth, to address the threat of nuclear warfare and to safe guard human interests. The Obrovitz facility is a result of it. Son, we’ve given you a new leash of life”
“But, then who are you?”
“I am, Inspector Stenström, the chairman of the Ouagadougou Council and it’s me who designed the Obrovitz facility. And according to military convention its security system cannot be changed, except by the council members, but now all the members are dead, excluding me. And I’ve forgotten all my papers at home, in the past.”

“I need more proof. Errr…”
“Wanna see my balls Inspector?”
The shyest moment for a man would be standing naked before another, especially if the latter has a larger dick than the former. But in my case, I had none. Inspector Stenström was full of awe when he saw a stump, a ball less, mass less stump, with the wound still fresh, and pearly white pus dropping from the most prized part of a man. I am a nobody in time and a nobody in gender too.

“But Sir, you still didn’t explain the plutonium”
“On what do you expect, Inspector, a machine like the Tachyon ejector work on? Batteries? No. It needed the atomic breakdown of Plutonium. It needs the fission reaction of Plutonium that accelerated the sub atomic particles of Ylem disorient themselves and then collide to give rise to Tachyons. Plutonium, Inspector is in fact the fuel to science these days”
Inspector Stenström’s jaw dropped down. I’ve won the battle.

“What should I do now Sir?”
“Inspector, the security of this facility can be compromised, it’s just a week ago in my time, we’ve found out a serious glitch. The entire facility might be affected and this can spell out death for the entire human race.”
“What should we do Sir?”
“Take me to the Central Research laboratory, I’ll tell you the rest there”
“Yes Sir!”
“Sir? Can one travel back in time too?”

“You’re a curious man, Stenström. But I must say, that's a nice question. We travel back into time every fuckin day of our lives Inspector. Physics may not have an answer for it but our human mind has it. It’s called memory Stenström, and the memories are the ones which drag a person back into time. Every individual travels back in his own time Stenström. Theoretically, I can’t travel back in time and technically I can’t fuck either. So it’s no use going back Inspector.”
The Inspector remained silent, maybe he was travelling into his past.
There is no better time machine than the human thought. It was fuckin perfect.
Deep in space, not very far from the Earth, the oblong ACO class space station suddenly came to life. Their antennas created the ruckus, amidst the vacuum where even the Big Bang would seem be a joke. Like a shooting star, the space station zoomed towards the now defunct Solar system.

“The Central Laboratory Sir, please move aside, I have to perform the security checks”
Stenström pierced his thumb and squeezed out a drop of blood onto the glass panel.
“Welcome Alexandra Stenström, Level: Inspector”
Blood. Pure living blood. If the host were to be dead after the blood is drawn, the facility would’ve gone into self protect mode. The intercom repeated a mumble jumble of various other sentences, but I was more focused on what lay ahead.

“You’re inside the Central Research Lab Sir, you said that you’ve something to tell me”
“Stenström, just remember these four things. Neither can aliens cannot detect sounds sent into space nor can they detect the light pulses. But they can detect very large radiations, Son. Two, everything you see always can’t be real. Three, the Krakatov’s do not have dicks and neither do they have blood, but instead they have a stump and white matter all over. Krakatov’s reproduce asexually, I’m not alone Stenström, I’m the strongest army you can ever dream of”

"Get me a cockroach, Son"
The elite guerilla battalion of Yevolin planet’s Krakatov army just conquered the earth. Man, is no more.
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