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Annapurna was elated. She was going to meet her grandson for the first time after ten years. The last time she saw him, he was still days old. But after that, Diya was on her own. She missed Diya, but her daughter was not reciprocating. Suffering with arthritis, she was left to rot in an old age home. Day and night she longed to meet her daughter. But as kids grow up, they ignore their priorities. Goals can blind one’s life, if not make it hazy. The campy environment didn’t dampen her spirits. Thanks to her grandson, she’s going to meet him again. She, even in her fragile jumped around, the joy radiated out of her. It all started with a phone call.

15 Minutes ago:

“Annapurna, you have a call”
“Who is it at this time?”
“It’s your daughter dear, she says it’s important”
Annapurna couldn’t move. It has been ten years since she last saw her. It all started with Mohammed.  She fought for their love, only to be chucked out of their house, or is it their hearts? Since then she has been living on her pension. Diya was not the girl she imagined to be. The past behind, Annapurna couldn’t understand why her daughter called her, at such an odd time. Visibly shaken, she walked towards the phone.
“Amma, I want you to come to my house tomorrow, Aaryan wants to see you”
“Yes you, I want to get dressed in your best saree and come in a taxi. Don’t brag about your loneliness and wear some jewellery and make yourself presentable...”
“But why?”
“Come by four sharp and don’t come empty handed.”
The call ended.
Diya was still the same. But she was confused. Why did her Grandson want to see her, if her Mother is not willing? Annapurna didn’t want to go, but the chance of seeing her grandson was rare, so she decided to bite the bait.
“Laksmi, where is my silver ‘zari’  Kanjeevaram saree?”
“What is it Amma? Why do you need it all of a sudden?”
“My daughter has called, I am going to meet my grandson tomorrow, find the saree for me, will you lazybones?”
The old lady got on the high!

Aaryan. It’s because of him she has to see her face again. It was not entirely his fault, the school had to be blamed. The school wanted a photo of each child with their grandparents. Mohammed’s parents died long ago, Aaryan only had his mother’s mother. He threw a tantrum, he wanted to boast about his grandmother. But Annapurna? She was like a snare. If there was an opportunity to nag her, she would fall for it. First it was about the job, next about her grandson. Finally, Mohammed let her know, that she was not invited. Diya never considered Annapurna her mother anymore, she was just another person. She felt bad for a day, after that she ignored her and gradually she forgot all about her. Was she the mother she dreamed about? She never was. She left her for good, but Aaryan dusted the shelves again. Only that the shelves were made of iron, and they got rusted.

Lexus Square:

Annapurna rarely went out. She preferred the perfumed exhaust to the grey dust at the old age home. The shops looked plush, definitely it was Annapurna in dreamland. Annapurna’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at the shops, could they offer her anything  for the menial denominations she held in her purse?. She walked down the road, scanning all the windows. Many boutiques, supermarkets and toy stores later, she had an idea.
“Auto!, Begum Bazaar please”

The Next Day, Diya’s House:
4:00 P.M :

Annapurna was dazed by the enormity of the house.
“Come in”
“Diya!”, Annapurna was elated as soon as she saw Diya, a tear rolled down her cheek. She bent forward to hug her, but Diya quickly showed her the way to the sofa.
“Sit here, I’ll call Aaryan”
Annapurna sat carefully on the sofa, she didn’t want her Saree to get crumpled. She put the red bag beside herself. Aaryan. Her eyes waited to see him, like a farmer did for rains in African desert. It has been ten years. She wanted to see how her Aaryan grew up over the years.
An over sized obese boy entered the room. He had fat cheeks, in proportion to the equally fat abdominal and posterior  sections of his body.
Annapurna bent forward to hug him, he reciprocated. His touch was all wobbly.
“Grandma, what have you brought for me?, Mummy says you will bring me a gift!”
“I have brought you a gift Aaryan, but first tell me about yourself, how are you my boy?”
“Grandma! I was drawing a painting when you came, show me the gift and I’ll go inside and complete it”
“Oh! You like to paint! Just like your mother, such a good painter she was, I don’t know how she paints these days”
Annapurna and Diya exchanged cold looks.
“Grandma, do you want to see my painting?”
“Sure son, show it to me!”
Aaryan led her into his bedroom. He flipped open his laptop and showed opened Microsoft Paint.
“Here’s my painting Grandma!”
“What? Where? Where the paints Aaryan?”
“Paints? C’mon grandma, we live in 21st century, who uses paints? They are only used to coat walls”
Annapurna was shocked upon seeing the picture. So will you be,

It looked robotic.
"Grandma, yellow signifies his intelligence, red his burning desire to write and pink his state of mind. The pencil is his thought taking shape, isn't it beautiful?"
Annapurna was speechless. For her the yellow signified shit, the red the state of his bowels and the pink? Isn't it the color for Breast cancer awareness?

“Tell me Grandma, what have brought for me?”

“I brought a complete painting set my dear, with all type of brushes, made with original Squirrel’s hair”

Diya entered the room.
“Paints? You brought paints for the boy or for the room?, didn’t I tell you Aaryan is sophisticated?”
“Mummy, you said Grandma was cool? Ankit’s grandma brought him an Xbox”
Annapurna was in tears. She quickly took leave as she felt her presence was not needed anymore.
“Funny”, she thought “Kids want boxes to play with these days” and she never returned back.

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