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I posted a Facebook wall post a few days ago which read “God's best creation: It is not those hot chicks at the mall, or those greasy lil bitch pups, nor are those towering fjords. It's more human. It was you and me, years ago. Its kids. Until the age of four. Education ruins them thereafter.”
Let’s straight away deal with the topic here, “If I were a baby again”. A baby by definition is “A very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk”.
A human child has the maximum retentivity in the first four years of his life and with the gradual passage of time it decreases. During those first four years the child’s brain lacks the key area of enacting as it is still learning to connect with the new world outside. And do any of us actually remember what we did when we were a baby i.e. when we were one year old? The answer is no for any normal person unless you are a child prodigy.
Hence what difference can one make even if they were a baby again? Realistically this topic has no value, scientifically and artistically I call it crass to even think in those lines. There could have been remorse or pangs of guilt if the topic was “If I were a teen again”. But as a baby, we do not have any option!
“If I were a teen again,
I would get back being a gentleman,
If I were to be a baby again,
I would rewind and just not be born again!”
Well, apart from this, If I was a baby again, I would just pray that I be born to the same parents, because they are the most loving lot in the whole world. Who can ask for more?
[Bless it on my bad mood, this post is less effective, but this was what I was planning from the start!]

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