It's been a long time since I have posted some stuff over here, which makes me feel guilty and lazy at the same time. But like any other undergrad student, exams have taken their toll on me. Even though they are a month away, the very thought of studying has brought an emotional slide. This when combined with a week of illness is sure to burn out any poor mind's grey cell resources. This isn't exactly the writer's block (Err, or is it the blogger's block?) as I feel I passed that phase of writing long time ago. But the impending reality of exams and social stress when combined is a deadly combination which does its job with utmost precision. You might wonder where this post is leading to, and as you all know, it is just another piece of "I love to brag" shit. Shit which is omnipresent in today's world. Eleven posts got some shape in my mind, with a few even being lucky to get started. But fate, the ultimate dictator has spread his rule here. A post nearly completed, got wiped out from my computer without a trace. Shit apart, there are a few noteworthy topics floating in the world, worthy enough to find some place on my blog. Let me not bore (brag) you anymore, here I start!

Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize. I thought that the dudes in the “Giving out Nobel” committee were all the miserly brains of the West, but it turns out to be wrong, as I now picture them to be a pack of neo racist, hippo brained, bald headed buffaloes, who decide the winner by just skimming through the day’s newspaper. If that’s the case, I guess the winner for the next year would be Osama bin Laden, for his sudden transformation into a peaceful lifestyle, spending less time on Jihad and more time on trimming his beard and making America terror free. This Saint from Sudan will be the icon of peace, believe me.

That reminds me of a popular (!) saying, Err termed by me,

The greatest is not the He who Fucke’th the world,
But it indeed is the He who the world Fucke’th”

I have been thinking of the above lines. The more I think, the more enlightened I became. Ponder upon it, you will find some shocking truths. If the above lines were to be an inspiration to you, there wouldn’t be no exams, no more shitty Monday’s, no more junk, in face there won’t be a ‘no more’ anymore. Or the effects of a Cerebral Palsy or an Alzheimer’s will sure hit you at an age you’d never wish to be hit. There was more I wanted to talk about. For instance, the biggest piece of garbage in the form of ‘Blue’, or the even more stinking antics of the housemates in Bigg Boss. But as they say, “Time and tide wait for none”
Not for me at least.
I leave you here with an excerpt from my upcoming post “Phantasmagoria”, a surreal tale with those delicate twists all of you love to read.

It’s just a simple procedure; it will be over in a matter of fifteen minutes”
“Ma, take me out from here, please!”

“Son, you shouldn’t be rude, talk to the Doc.”
“Do not worry son, I have been doing this procedure since the past 20 years, so do not worry, if you co-operate this is a cakewalk for me”

I lie there, draped in the pale white hospital linen, surrounded by minimalistic tools, mainly chrome plated. The room had a surreal feel, it was over illuminated. Surprisingly, it was empty if not for Ma and the Doc. Ma had a hollow aura around her body, her voice sounded callous. The sterile hospital air acted as a catalyst for the arousal of horror in my brain. Horror, in the most unassuming form, horror which erected a few hundreds of Goosebumps on my arms. The doctor’s coat looked as if it were washed in a sea of detergent. The ghastly pale illuminance hurt my eye.

The Doctor had an odd smile spread across his face. Odd because, I believe that Doctor’s only smile when they have a prey in their hands. The smile was a like a cross between the vintage demon and the modern day Joker. The smile didn’t ask me “Why so serious”, but instead it was reflecting the mood of the place, “This is serious”.
“Hold out your tongue son”

I stretched out the lone piece of muscle which was going to make the difference.
“More, stretch it even more, that’s it, that’s it!, easy son, easy”
His eyeballs expanded as he peered into my now dry mouth. The size of his eyeballs increased with every passing moment. The reddish shade of the eyeballs was fast changing from a faint flash to a deep hue. He thrush a pair of tongs into my mouth, my tongue tried to wriggle out from its grip, but the truth was inevitable.”

Hopefully, the above post will be completed by next Sunday, till then, keep waiting!

P.S.: A huge thanks to Shruti, Anamika, Shilpa, Roshmi and Apurv for showering me with their faith and confidence in me. I feel really happy to have friends like you! (That doesn’t mean my other FB’s don’t mean a thing!)

P.P.S: It might take another month (27th November to be precise!) for me to be back completely on the blogerville. I’ll be posting a random post or two, but there will be an absence from some of your blogs. I’ll be sure to make up for all of it! Cheers!

Note: Those of you who want to write a guest post up here on my blog are welcome, the topic is upto you, but it should gel with the general mood of my blog! Hope you will respond!