Date: 21-09-Why does it matter?
To: You, who are in front of the computer.
Time: See your watch :x
Place: Sorry, are you amnesiac?

Sir/Madam (Both if applicable),

I am not here to talk to you. I am not her to respect you or to guide you. If you choose to be the living scum of the earth, you may choose to, but please refrain yourself from reading this letter. Who I am, is not a matter of concern for you, but it is who ‘you’ are should bother you now. In this dog eat dog world, you should let the dog come and bite you, but instead you should go to the dog and bite it. If a dog can give you rabies, you can give the dog, Babies?. But remember, what happens if you go and kiss a dog? Get kissed back again? No, you get bitten, and is getting bitten the whole purpose of our conversation? No. So what does the world teach us? It is a dog eat dog world, but if a dog eats you before you can even try, Is it worth it? If the answer is Yes, then sweetie please step out of your house and look around, there are hundreds of dogs waiting for ya. If the answer is No, why even get in sight of the dogs? Sitting idle is a lot better than getting kissed by a dog. You just need to realize, who or what the dog is.

The world which made you is complex. You go on and on and get fed up by it, but you don’t realize it is ‘you’ who is an integral part of it. You are the block of brick which helps to build the world. If you cease to exist so does the world. The entire world is built upon you, it is you who gets the whitewash, and also it is you who gets the paint. You do not bulge to the blasphemous weather outside, you maintain your cool. It is you, who gets the grime, and also is you who is fed with soot. You wither, but you have no option. This is the scenario outside, the scene inside is quite ironic. The big guys you bust your ass for, the bosses of that company whose paste you use, those ‘iconic’ stars whose ‘brand’s underwear you use, the shit bag whose ‘item’ antics you see all of them enjoy inside the elite castle called world, made by ordinary bricks, i.e. individual bricks who when alone are meant only to be broken.

There is only small layer which separates the elite class of the world from the tempest blowing outside, you a.k.a the brick. What does this mean? Does it make any sense to you? You feed the world. You build the crap you never wanted to be a part of. If you don’t like something, sitting in a corner and sulking does not help, but instead ignoring it would lead to better effects. The T.V. and Internet are the common man’s girlfriend investments. Once you start investing it is an infectious process, life goes in a full circle, without a single harvest. It is like running around the bathroom when in need. It is beautiful, getting cramps dreaming for the thing you can never get, but not observing the absolute heaven lying straight before you. Open the door, not of your bathroom but of your mind. The pathetic dance shows you see, the measly politicians who rule you, the idiotic cinema’s made are all because of you. If you were to break the circle, the rest would follow, just like a chain of beads. If one falls the rest follows. Then you will realize that this is the absolute shit of life.

Never give a fuck to anyone, because by nature, if you give something you have to take it back. You needn’t be poor fuckin’ Newton to figure that out. To give a fuck means to take a fuck. Taking a fuck means getting raped. If you love getting raped, close the current window and lay out with the dogs. And now if you like taking a fuck from every poor and menial soul, I tell, you would be the epitome of the “I am the world’s largest bum” award, If not I consider you another paltry soul with glasses in search of some salvation. As you are now enlightened, being a dog doesn’t matter and giving a fuck does. You are the greatest scumbag of the world before, but I cleansed your soul, I made you what you are, if not for a moment, for a lifetime. See the world in you, the world will then see you.

Yours Cynically,
He-You should not know.

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