Homo sapiens. The God of the world made by God. His inquisitiveness made life comfortable for him. Comfort made him thrive for more, the thirst for more advancement and luxury induced greed into his mind. Greed made him to sit on top of the world. Poor man didn’t realize that his greed was playing a game with him. All he could see the sunny side, but on the other side, Greed was making him poor, emotionally. The more he advanced in science, the deeper he was in emotional doldrums. He molested his Mother Earth without sympathy. Time passed away, he felt that the system needed a change. He felt that there was a need for crime eradication. Hence, he robotized all the top posts, the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Judges, Police Officers and what not. This left no scope for human emotions and errors to enter into the higher echelons of the administrative sector. But still there were diversions. Man’s thinking wasn’t uniform. If one wanted to be an artist the other wanted to a scientist. And moreover destiny was a major factor. To beat it all, all Man did is to think and in that process Genetic Engineering came up to the fore. It was the future, a future in which Man could modify the creation of God, it was like sending a message to God saying that his successor is born at last. It was beautiful, there was no more mediocrity, there was no more crime, and there was no more art. It is one of those moments in history where the old saying “Science is a loyal servant but a dangerous master” has come true. Welcome to the year 2100.


The room was silent. There were a dozen people sitting in the galleries in the far end of the room. In the center, there was a huge screen, only a few millimeters thick, which was being folded. A chair was placed right before the screen and it was nailed to the ground. Surrounding the chair was a bunch of alienish looking gizmos, a scantily decorated headgear and a glass of water. The room was completely made of stainless steel. The chrome interiors along with the glary fluorescent lights gave the room a deadly aura, and the rooms occupants a claustrophobic experience.

An electric boom suddenly echoed inside the room. A flurry of actions began to start in the room. The screen started unrolling itself, and stiff looking chromium armored robots took their cue at the walls. Their pale blue eyes left a ghastly impression on the people inside. A siren blew somewhere and a handcuffed man, completely dressed in white was brought in by two robots. The steel of the handcuffs was completely in sync with the room’s eerie interiors. The man was made to sit down in the chair by the two robots accompanying him, and then his hands were strapped to the handles of the chair.

Two minutes later, a pregnant woman, possibly his wife was brought in a wheelchair. She brought up till the now completely spread 48 inch screen and was left there.

A voice suddenly boomed out of nowhere,


“I have a good news and a bad news for you” said the doctor, who just then came out from the treatment facility. A small nurse robot following her came to an abrupt halt as she was talking to me.

“What is it doctor?” I said with a bit subdued excitement.

“Well, the good news is that your wife is pregnant, and the bad news is that your son is having a very large concentration of the Artillian cells, which by current law of the land is banned.”


“Artillian cells aid the brain to be partial towards the arts, which thereby stints the growth of the Mathematical analysis part which thereby usually leads to an IQ score of less than 140, which according to the law is undesirable and the patient has to be executed”

“The Mediocrity decree?”

“Yes the mediocrity decree, if you do not wish your son to undergo the genetic transformation, then I am sorry, your wife has to face abortion.”


“Music, art, love and sports were some of the most time consuming activities in a man’s life prior to the 2060’s. Much of the useful lifespan of a man was used in these activities which led to lesser productivity by each individual. The sudden advent of a new variant of Hog flu in early 2060’s wiped clean nearly a half of the human population across the world, leaving many countries crippled. The situation was out of control, then Jonas Skalsgard, the then President of UNRPC (United Nations Robotic Planning Committee) drafted a plan for the quick revival of the situation. Aided with modern genetic procedures, he formulated a new method of mapping the human brain into four sectors viz. Artillian, Cupillious, Arthimancillia and Scimenticia. The Artillian section aids in the development of interest towards art. The Cupillious section deals with the love and human emotions part, Arthimancillia sector deals with the mathematical logic and reasoning part and finally the Scimenticia sector deals with the scientific reasoning part. In this, if the Artillian and Cupillious sectors were modified, then there would be no passion for arts and for love. What started as an experiment took newer shapes and changed the entire human civilization as a whole. For getting complete participation from the people, a bench mark was set, and orders were passed so that anyone below an IQ of 140 was executed. This led a large chunk of the population to be genetically modified. The rest were deprived of any government help and were left in a pitiable situation, where many of them resorted to suicide, thus the Mediocrity Decree was passed.”

He shifted his eyes from the screen. Tear drops rolled down his cheek.


“You are pregnant”

“Then why are you telling with such gloom on your face? Cheer up, it’s your baby, I promise!”

“I’m not doubting its origin, our baby’s brain should be genetically modified, the mediocrity decree”


“You heard me right, he is not going to be who he is, and his traits are going to be erased”

“No, it should not happen”

“But it is happening”

“Please do something; I want my son to be like…”

“I have an idea”

“I want a help from you”

“What is it?”

“My wife is giving birth to a baby”


“And he, according to the law must be genetically modified first”

“So what can I do?”

“I want you to stop that, I want you to act, I want you to protect him”

“But why?”

“Because you are his uncle”


“This is my only resort, please understand”

“Charge?” the voice boomed again, startling me.

A robot came in front of the screen, and started narrating the crime committed.

A cold electric voice came within from the robot.

“Denial of the Mediocrity decree, inconsistency in producing the specimen before the doctor before the required time”

“Does the culprit accept the charges?”

“I repeat, does the culprit accept the charges?”

For a second there was no sign of a movement. A red beam flashed across the screen, and suddenly the entire hall was engulfed in the man’s shrieks.

“Help, help, I am sorry, I am guilty..Help..He…”

The red beam disappeared. The man stopped shouting. A robot came and splashed water from the glass beside the man’s chair on him.

“I hereby declare Mr.1569 guilty of not following the mediocrity law, which is an offence under the law of the land, which…”

“Stop, stop, it was my fault, sorry, please, I want my baby, I agree with the law, please, I don’t want my wife to abort, please”

1569 was happy. Happy because his wife could birth to their son. He was left with a warning. He pleaded the judge for mercy, the twenty four jurors unanimously agreed with the verdict. He asked the jurors to give him an option. He asked them, to let him allow as to where the modification test would take place, they agreed. He told his brothers hospital address. There is more to this story than you an dI think there is, the reason why he doesn’t want his child to be genetically modified.

As a survivor of the 2062 Hog flu outbreak, 1569 was kept in a refugee camp in the Shrimp Islands. The Jonas Skalsgard system of genetic modification started two months after 1569’s placement in the camp. All of them were modified, except 1569, as he had a stroke that evening, a heart attack which saved his memory, which saved his life from becoming a machine. Years passed, he met her. She was saved from the genetic brain modification too; the machinery exploded a few minutes before her operation. They agreed to enter the wedlock. But marriage was banned then. No sexual relationships were allowed, everything was done through the sperm bank. Couples were soon arrested and tortured; they got afraid and got separated. They promised themselves that they would meet again, in the distant future.

Twenty nine years later, they met. They belonged to the rare sect of original humans. The last of them alive on the earth. A secret organization, named “Arthillianatis” formed, in which both of them were members. They united. She got pregnant.

He cherished the old I-pod belonging to his grandfather which had a few songs. People in this age didn’t know what songs were; they neither knew the word happiness. Everything came in small packages of electronic items. From seeds to sperm. He pitied them. The organization had only one goal, to increase its population. That was the thing of the future.

His wife started shouting in pain. He called the ambulance. In minutes she was on her way to the hospital. He was happy, at last he was having something he always wanted, a baby of his type, his blood, his brain. He waited outside the operation theatre, nearly jumping in joy.

The cries of a little infant echoed in his ears, he ran ahead to the door. A small robot opened the door.

“Baby boy”

He shouted on top of his voice. For one moment he felt that he ruled the world, or did he?

Suddenly a streak of doubt shot through his face. He stood rooted on the spot. He ran across the corridor to the nearest wall mounted computer. He searched for his brothers virtual profile, and looked for his genetic brain modification status.

It read, Completed, 9th September, 2089

For one second, all his dreams fell apart. His brother’s brain was genetically modified, he was emotionless.

“Science is a good acquaintance, but a bad bad wife”


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