Who is He?

The main reason for you being on this post is for the answer to the above question.

Over the past one week, some of you painstakingly followed a tiresome story. I have provided answers to all your other questions but I didn’t reveal the main thread, His identity. He tortured, He thought, He entertained and He died. He might have earned some sympathy in the end, but read on to know the identity of ‘He’, the entertainer.

For all those who have guessed the crux of the story, this revelation may come as a bit of a shocker. But please post your wild theories in the comment section of this post!.

Back to the point,

Who is He?

I s He a relative to the Girl?

Is He an enemy to Her father?

Is He a serial killer?

Is He Her enemy?

Is He Her ex/current lover?

Is He some lunatic from the underground?

If your answer is any of the options above, I should say you are wrong.

He can be anyone. A teacher, prophet, priest, father of two children, your sweet looking neighbor next door, brother, lover anyone. Every male in this world with his own quota of hormones and body parts can be ‘He’. He is nameless and faceless. He has no caste, creed and nationality. He has only two distinct characteristics. Sex and a fickle mind. Or as in most cases nowadays its Sex and sex.

Every morning the newspapers carry some news about some wayward fucker pouring acid on his wife, a loved slitting His girlfriend’s throat open, teachers utilizing their ‘Girl’ students for the understanding of nature’s physics. The female species has become a sport for the greedy male race, and they have also become the scapegoats for media to earn money or let’s say more TRP’s. Many men force their barbaric atrocities over the poor and mute ‘Female’ species of today’s India, or let’s put it as the today’s woman.

Men see women as a commodity. They see women as wonders of Geometry but do not consider them to be marvels of biology. I am a man, Yes; I too ‘look’ at women, but in levels of decency. What ‘pleasure’ do ‘Men’ get from raping innocent beings?

‘He’ was an entertainer a post ago, but now ‘He’ is the centerpiece. And now, ‘He’ is the only one who can make us think. Think in terms of respect, mutual, for the ‘Female’ species, one of the most delicate pieces of art made by God.

This post might seem like a joke for the bloggers with a clean conscience. But somewhere down there, deep in the world of concrete jungles, there is a ‘He’ who is smirking at the post, the truth of life. Nameless and faceless.

I stop here, I leave the rest to you, to decide.


Firstly, apologies for those who thought that this post was a dud in terms of an entertaining factor. My sole aim from the start was to deliver a moral sans any morality with some high rates of mortality.

For those who haven’t observed, I have framed a new narrative approach for the previous four parts of this series, in terms of the narrating angle.

The first one was narrated from the perspective of a Bird sitting on a pole and viewing the events happening around. The narrative was fixed and it was mostly static.

The second one was through the eyes of a lizard on a wall, flexible yet only with limited frames in its sight.

The third had a Fly as the narrator, completely flexible and also followed a shaky story telling technique.

And finally the forth was from the eyes (if any!) of a bacteria in the scene of the accident, which eventually would feed on the dead bodies.

So go back and check the narrative styles again J .

And a BIG thanks to all those who have gone through this series from the start, Vipul, Mou, Pra, Shilpa, Choco, Shruti, Zoya, As the mind meanders, Shankar, Indian Pundit, Anamika, Roshmi Sinha, Thousif and finally Sonali (the mysterious blogger, who popped out from nowhere and showed enough interest by going through all the posts, one at a time, Thanks!). Apologies to whose names I have missed, please do remind me J . Do leave your precious comments!

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