A Few Months Later..

“Back, Back, Back… Wait… Stop!”

The lorry came to a halt. Its gigantic structure was overshadowed by the huge building next to it. The lorry was painted in a plethora of colors, but the evil looking blood red dominated the eyes and little patches of yellow added some relief. It was well decorated; it looked more like a bride straight out of a B – class Indian movie. The driver got down from the monolithic body; he walked towards his helper, who was standing beneath the shade of the building beside.

“Let’s have some tea” said the driver and both of them walked down the road, leaving the tarpaulin clad 8 ton lorry behind.


“Ruthless Killer Down! Down!”

“Hang him to death or it might be your sister next”

The outsides of the court were fuming with the mob’s anger.

But the insides were quiet and undisturbed from the hate storm outside. The judge got into his position as he read out the sentence, “Rigorous life imprisonment, with no bail till the next years”. A tear rolled down his cheek and a smirk on his face. Head hung down in discreet pride he walked away, with the police encircling him. “Freedom has a new meaning from now on” he thought, leaving the court with his lingering thoughts.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

The room was filled with the monotonous beeps of the funny look machine. She slowly opened her eyes, Her vision was blurred, and then she realized the harsh reality. “That night”, and She knew that her left eye would never be open again. Just a sterile gauge and a pirate eye band would debar the void of her eye hole from the colors of the vivid world. She was vision impaired. She turned her head towards Her left, to find a large stainless steel tray. The image in the tray looked like a ghoul full with sterilized gauge and blood smeared bandages. Reality hit her hard, She understood.

“Down Down”

The shouts echoed in His ear. The mob tried to break the human barrier and the media persons were shooting in wild madness. He didn’t feel like crying, proudly he lifted up His head, and sported His usual evil smirk.

The Police shoved him into the old rusty Jeep, chained to the last bone. And the Jeep whirred to life after a barbaric jolt.

Carefully She removed the IV drip from her hand. A little blot of red appeared on Her skin, but She didn’t bother. She walked towards the large windows plastered to the walls. The afternoon sun blazed in the sky, invisible to her. When She walked towards the window, Her muscles twirled and Her insides battled with brain asking it to reverse its signals. But the brain was not in control of its master, but in the control of The Creator. Her face ached badly, acrid stench bellowed out from Her bed ridden body. She opened the window, to see a seven storey’s below, and at the bottom a tarpaulin clad truck. She jumped.

“I gotta pee” protested He.

“No!” came the stern reply from a plastic faced Police officer beside Him.

“Then I would have to pee here, right on your pants” and he got ready to enact his act.

“Stop!’ The officer commanded and the Jeep came to a halt.

He got down and another constable followed. And suddenly He took to the heels, and ran for his life. Gunshots echoed the void fields around but in the commotion He didn’t hear the horn.

Crash of a skull, squashing of a body and a minute second later. The truck splayed in the middle of the road, throwing out a body from its top. The tarpaulin covered truck.



The two bodies lay atop each other, beheaded in pools of blood. The visible stretch of the road was smeared with blood and parts of brain matter. Two distinct parts lay in opposite directions, their heads. Their bodies entangled in an inseparable position. And their hearts tied a knot within themselves. Leaving a morbid feeling to the world outside. Their brains opposed but their hearts attracted. In the end, the hearts won. Love over lust and infinity over wrath. They lay inseparable. Nameless and faceless.

[To be Continued..]

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