Police Officer:

A frantic father called him ten minutes ago, howling in pain that his daughter was in danger. He gave an up market address which left him no other choice than go to it. “High Class Girls”, he thought, “It must have been some cockroach the poor soul has seen and She might have shouted for help”. He had this gawky feeling in mind that the girls of these days were pampered on a rich scale, making them helpless in the most trivial situations. He ran up the porch and knocked the door. No answer. A light breeze blew, displacing a few odd leaves off the steps.

“Constables”, he called and motioned towards the door asking them to barge in. A loud thud followed by a thundering sound of breaking glass pieces shook the house. An iron tripod stand lay across the doorway, and distinct pieces of glass spread over the marble floor glistened like diamonds in the sky. Water was all around and an unwelcomed aroma of fish surrounded his nostrils. As he stepped inside a wriggling fish caught his sight and before he could warn his counterpart’s one of them stepped on it only to slip and land on a bed of glass splinters. The then glistening splinters turned red in a moment displaying their inhibition towards blood. The blood’s rich color was diluted by the stale water changing it from a crimson to water color red.

“Fuck”, he thought, unknowing of the even more vibrant displays that lay ahead.


The sirens whined outside the house. Like school children left amok the policemen spread around the house. His ears twitched, in a quick jerky motion He pulled Her body away from the sofa into the indiscreet bathroom nearby. There was a commotion outside the door and he could sense it. The door banged open with a shrill sound of glass breaking. His ploy worked, the fishbowl he placed against the door performed its task spilling its content and making the job difficult for the police. Then He heard a loud groan followed by splits of laughter. “Laugh”, he thought, “Laugh till you see Her pathetic body you morons”.

Police Officer:

The lights didn’t work. “Fuck”, he thought. “Constable, bring me the flash light, he screamed”, and a moment later there was a movement in the last lines of the police battalion. “Darkness is the mother of misery”, he thought. “It Is darkness that invented crime, darkness is what still many of us fear about”. He lay a calculated step ahead. Suddenly, he felt it; he felt a leathery substance underneath the sole of his shoe. He bent down to take a look. It was firmly attached to the sole of his shoe, and when he touched it he knew that the house was under the control of a cold blooded murderer. It was wet piece of skin, it was cartilaginous and it had a distinct outline. A nose. This startling discovery helped him to see the uneasy presence of a red liquid all over the floor. He was about to puke. “Const.-“, and the house vibrated under the wails of a human for the second time.


The police were under the veils of darkness. “Darkness”, he thought, “Is my mother, without whom this sacrifice would have been unsuccessful”. He had to utilize his mother’s service that night. And He waited for the correct moment. The overly inquisitive Police officer surely didn’t know his limits. He had to use him as bait for his escape. Without further delay he stepped out. He hid in a dark corner of the room, like a jungle cat camouflaging before it hunts it prey. There was a small crushing sound; the sound characteristically heard when one stomps over a cockroach. He smirked in happiness; the Officer stepped on her nose. And like a feline hunter, jumped forward towards the inspector.

The sinister looking sharp end of the knife cut its way through the Inspector’s jaw from the side and made its way out from the lower end of the jaw. It stood firmly in position and the Officer wriggled in pain. He kicked the handle of the knife with his leg, sending the blade deeper into the Police officers mouth. The constables were rooted to their own positions. He stood up and was about to take an intimidating position when the gunshot shook the house. A moment later, He was twisting on the floor with a bullet right through His solar plexus.

Smoke bellowed from the gun. The additional forces which arrived as back up did the trick. The officer holstered his gun and went near Him. “Slimy basterd, now that your balls are in my hands I shall fry them”, saying this he gave a hard punch on his freshly created wound, out of which blood sprayed out like a leaking fountain pen.

“Where is my daughter?”

“She has undergone extreme trauma and is currently in a state of shock, she lost a lot of blood and there are bleak chances of survival, moreover there is a developing infection in her sinuses and her respiration has become very edgy, nothing can be said as of now”

“No!, please doctor, please save her!”

“We will try our best”

And her father started crying .

Newspaper Report:

Special Correspondent: A girl was brutally tortured by an unidentified man around 12 o’clock in night yesterday. She sustained severe injuries and now is in a critical stage. The suspect also assaulted a Police officer who came to the scene of crime with a butcher knife. Amidst high drama, another patrol force which happened to be in the area at that time came to the rescue by shooting the suspect in the torso. The suspect received moderate injuries and His condition was said to be stable. The Police Inspector lost a hard fought battle, and he passed away in the wee hours of today. Feminist organizations protested for the early execution of the suspect.

“Only if I stayed back, as she asked”, thought his father.

A small package fell of his pocket breaking its contents;

Her birthday gift.

[To be Continued..]

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