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Whistling out her heart’s feelings she came out of the bathroom. She then straightaway went to the mirror, the only thing apart from food, water and air without which women can’t live. A smell of sweet perfume spread throughout the air, leaving a kind of eternal freshness around her. In the foggy atmosphere of the room, she appeared like an angel, an angel whose identity was unknown and remains so, forever. Jumping out in a kind of a ‘girly’ trance, she hopped onto the sofa, unaware that it was the last thing she would ever inhabit, other than heaven.


Her father was surprised.

“No answer?, Not even for one of the calls?”, he thought.

There was something in the night which didn’t please him, there was a kind of deathly aura lingering around and above all he was unsure about everything. Confused, he called a taxi and murmured something to the driver, and the taxi zoomed away into the road and it disappeared.


She switched on the TV. There was nothing entertaining in it, but at least it was the only thing in the house through which she could see the happenings of the world outside.

“Werewolves”, the voice in TV boomed, spilling her heart out of its original place. And before she could change the channel there was a blackout. Her heart started thumping wildly. Strange sounds of the night filled her room, and her mind reached a virtual instability. Shivering, she started her journey to the kitchen and illuminate herself from the dire horrors of the night.

He gained entrance through the open ventilator in first floor of the house. He walked slowly through the darkness without making a sound. His heart was working at a frantic pace and he could hear it. After a month of surveillance on the house, moving around was like a breeze. Quietly he went down the steps making sure that he wouldn’t make noise. His blood began to become acidic, his insides were burning and he was fuming with sweat. He could smell Her. The pungent phosphorus smell of the matchsticks filled the room for a moment, and she became visible. She moved away from the kitchen with a candle in hand, and to Him she reminded of Florence Nightingale, “The Lady with the Lamp”.

Her father knocked on the door. There was no answer, after a brief minute or two, there was sound from the inside and the door opened.

“Sir!” the man stuttered, “What a surprise!, please do come in!”

“There is no time to come inside, why didn’t you come to the meeting?”

“Which meeting Sir?, I was not informed of any meetings tonight!”

“What, you were the one who called me four hours ago and said that there is a meeting now, what’s happening?”

“No!, there is n meeting and moreover, my phone was stolen today in the morning, there is no possibility of me making a call”

“What?!” her father fumed, and before his secretary could utter another word, he hopped into the taxi.


The scream filled the hollow night.

“Who are you?” she screamed, and before she could utter another word a powerful fist hit her on the face sending millions of neurons to work at a time releasing, pain and blood. She fell down with a thud. The candle fell down extinguishing itself and making Her plight more pitiable.

He took out his phone, and placed it on the sofa next to him and started playing a song.

Her face ached, there was numb demon occupying her mind, she couldn’t see in the darkness and her ears could sense only heartbeat when the song started playing,

“Tonight will change our lives

It's so good to be by your side

But we'll cry

We won't give up the fight

We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs

And they'll think it's just 'cause we're young

And we'll feel so alive”

She felt a tingling sensation on the arm, before she could realize it pained. The pain in her head and the one in her arm fought for superiority. The song faded into oblivion as the only thing she could feel was pain.


He took the small knife; it glittered in the small light coming through the window. He lifted her tender body and placed Her tiny head into his lap. A warm feeling passed through his gut. Her body played with his mind. It was losing control and he had to stop it. He took her slender hand. It was pearly white, the color of his knife. He carefully slit her arm, superficially. A dark red liquid fought its way out, he gave freedom to it, and the blood was trapped inside her body since the past 22 years. Streams of blood ran through Her sleeve, staining her clothes in the process.

The blood on her skin looked like red rubies embedded on a white marble tomb. She shrieked in pain, and the whole room was filled with only her screams. His face gleamed with pleasure and that of physical superiority. He put his hand inside his jacket’s pocket to reveal a sinister looking butcher knife. “Guns for show and knives for a pro”, he thought. Carefully he put the razor sharp edge of the knife on her face, and with one strong pull, he peeled her nose from its location, forever. She twisted in pain, and blood sprayed all over His face, but his strong persona over powered Her and she lay motionless. And with one heavy thrust, he put the small knife, now smeared with blood right into the center of her, Eye.


Pain, pain and pain. It was all over her head, She couldn’t feel anything else. The fight for superiority ended, leaving her in a state of prolonged trauma. She lost senses, thought and freedom, she tried to wriggle but She was held snugly in place. She prayed for mercy, but it was unheard. Before She could react a sudden jolt of pain shook Her head and before she knew She passed out.


The blood from Her eye came out like a majestic fountain, first as a strong rush and a moment later it was only like a trickle from the eye. The sight pleased Him, He was smiling and his face was beaming with pride. Suddenly, an electro punk sound came and there was a long scream and then She passed out.

‘The phone”, he thought.


Her father was tensed. He called his daughter and all he could hear was a long blood curdling scream and silence all over.

“Hello Police”, he said, before directing his taxi way home.

[To be Continued]

[The song lyrics used are from "Boys Like Girls" sophomore album of the same title and the song is "The Great Escape" (Click on the link to download).

The Line, "Guns for show, knives for a pro" is from the movie "Snatch".

The third part will be out this Wednesday!]