“No!”, she screamed, filling the room with a callous echo, one which reminded of a lively death.

“Please, leave me. Please, I beg you, please!”, she pleaded for mercy, pleaded for freedom, freedom from the vast streams of pain, currently piercing her body like thousands of red hot silver knives. Her voice soon became over shadowed with intense pain, it was then she knew that she could never be normal again.

A few hours ago:

“I’ll be back soon sugar, I am sorry that I’m unable to stay back with you”.

“Papa, can’t you stay back for today? Just today please, it’s my birthday tomorrow if you forgot”.

“No sugar, I can’t stay back, it is important for me to go today, anyhow I’ll be back by midnight to give my angel a sweet surprise!”

Saying this the father left the house, unmindful of the dangers that would consume his daughter later that night.

The phone rang, blazing out some gibberish sounding electro punk sound out of it. She immediately grabbed the phone, it must be ‘him’ she thought and longingly she answered the phone.

“Hello, Is it you?”

There was no reply from the other side except for a chilling swishing sound, one of air at turbulent speeds hitting the mouth piece on the other end.

“Hello!’, she said again, but she received the same answer as before and,

The phone went dead.


There was a perpetual wave of darkness outside. The insects working in the night shift made a racket, which made the man standing behind the veils of darkness smirk evilly. There was a kind of acidic hunger deep down in his heart, hunger which he was going to satisfy soon. Set with the deep smile, he moved ahead, stealthily.

“It will all be over in an hour or two”, thought her father, “I’ll make tonight the best of her life, at least, I hope so”, and thinking that he entered his office, only to find it as deserted as a graveyard at its hallucination prime time. Midnight.

Puzzled, he reached for his phone.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­It started as a small drop through the hole. The stainless steel shower head had the reflection of the girl covered in the pristine dress designed by God. The small drop went on to become a steady shower and little droplets of water oozed out of the tens of needle pricked holes. The lifeless shower was having the view of its lifetime, and the water tasted the elixir of the Girl’s beauty, both hot and untampered. The tiles had her slim image flashed on their shiny faces. Every little object in the bathroom had a spectacular view. She reached for the towel, the mean object which was going to distance the natural beauty of her slender body from the vile looks of the evil world outside. The inanimate objects agreed unanimously to privy the exotic display they just witnessed.

HE could see her silhouette from the point he was standing. The geometrical wonders of the infinity raised his testosterone levels. A surge of manly hunger pierced his veins; he lashed out his weapon, a small knife which shook under the tremendous force of sexual suppression. He slithered towards the house, which in a few more moments was going to witness an intense battle, the separation of yin and yang, physical death and a dark abyss.

(To be Continued..)