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Infotainment all the way,
Leaving my brain working and gay,
And all that I have to say,
Is that blogging is the best thing in the day.
This what came to my mind when my friends and co-blogger Vipul Grover explained the concept of blog-a-ton to me a few weeks ago, I was then excited and all raring to go on the topic selected. Here I am with the cream and scum of blogging, but a small word before I proceed, I do not want to give general examples, I shall only give my personal benefits I have had from blogging and the opposite of it.
The Cream: I have started blogging on December 5th, 2007. My main motto then was to put some lame bull shit into my blog and send it to a friend or two and ask them to read it. But over the passage of days maturity started seeping in, maturity in my thinking and creative levels. But all of that improvement was not acquired by me, it was only because of the avid help from Teja Priyadarshini (An excellent poet, do check her blog!), I have been able to change. I have changed my writing style from that of an angry teenager to that of a faceless man, ageless and boundless. Over the next few posts, I changed a tremendous lot, all because only because of the enthusiastic and optimistic comments I received in the start. I started writing poetry and later, recently forayed into short story writing again inspired from bloggers like, “As the Mind Meanders” and “Choco”.
The moral?. A small group of friends formed on the internet helped to change the perspective with which I see the world; they have inspired me and also taken me to a position of high expectations. And also my language skills only improved as the posts increased, and my laziness saw a steady decline.
And also, I have become more versatile in expressing my opinions and thereby have become more communicative. This removed a main backdrop in me, shyness. Previously I used to be shy even to speak out, now thanks to blogging, I can make a few more people speak with me.
That is the greatness of blogging.
The Scum: There I times when I woke up at three in the morning and wrote, commented on posts. And also the day I publish any new posts happen to be sleepless for me, as I hit the refresh button every two minutes only to check if I have got any new follower, comment or a visitor. I feel happy as the comments increase and equally depressed when they fail to move, hence increasing my addiction towards the internet and altering my emotions.
There is always a scope to get influenced. Many blogs tend to be biased, but they are hidden under the veils of lies and hereby projecting a wrong perspective into us, which may totally mislead us in the end.
As for the rest it is history, blogging will stay around, as long as every man has the right to talk. Err, write I mean!

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