The night had befallen,

The darkness just shimmered all over my head,

Making the past just as sullen,

As the future that lie ahead!

Darkened by the eerie silence,

Burdened up with an anorexic pale body,

Gliding amidst the earthly violence,

The crust of silken peace looked gaudy.

Veiled under the heart’s aphotic abyss,

There stood the redness of the pain,

A momentary flash of bliss,

That passed through life’s dirty drain.

The Black oil tarred raindrops,

Made a blot down my cheeks,

The world looked as if the Hell dropped,

Filled with the guile demons and the meek.

The vast hollowness that enveloped,

The aura of my screams,

Haunted mutilations of the world hence developed,

Worse that the nightmares in my dreams.

The Skeletal corpses crackled,

Amidst the flames in the graveyard,

The brass plaques flickered,

Revealing the names marred with dust and soot.

As I reached the last grave in the yard,

The plaque was new and clean,

The name engraved hit me hard,

Sent ripples through my spleen!

The grave lie ahead,

With my name embedded,

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson,

What a fantastic Death Abyss!

[Meaning: Stanza 2: Carrying my pale and sickly thin body, I go past the violence the world exhibits and the peace processes in action are very ineffective and look gaudy in the bloody battles being faught.

Stanza 3: The heart's inner layers lacked the light of wisdom/warmth and deep inside it was filled with pain, for a brief moment the there is an eternal bliss, which passed through the life's drain. (Note: The last two lines of this stanza indicate the departure of the man's soul from the mortal world, and the above stanza's were his pain personified at the time of his death.)

Stanza 4: The soul of the man seperates himself from his body and glides through the paths of hell where he sees different types of men

Stanza 5: The soul/mind part of the man still doesn't realize that he is dead, so he screams for the weird phenomenon's taking place, but it all is subdued in the background. The ghost of the man develops a frightful picture of the world full of mutilated bodies (Intended to be other Ghosts which only a ghost can see).

Stanza 6&7: There is still a bodily attachement of the soul of the man with his body and unknowingly it goes to the place where the man's place where the man's body is buried. The rest of the plaques are old and battered with dust and soot but there is only one grave with a new plaque (indicating that the death of the man whose body buried in there took place a short while ago) and the Ghost of the man sees his name engraved on it. He realizes the Heart's Filthy Lesson (presumably the last lesson) and Yes!, what a fantastic death abyss!]

[Credits: The last two lines, "The Heart's Filthy Lesson, What a fantastic Death Abyss" have been merciless ripped from Dawid Bowie's song, "The Hearts Filthy Lesson". The picture credit goes to imdb. The picture is actually a part of the poster of the movie, "Jacob's Ladder"]

[Dedicated to my sister, who always helps me at complex stages! and to Laxmi Syama, because of whose insistence I got the idea to write this poem!]

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