Amongst the filthy jungles of concrete,
Lives the pinnacle of the planet,
Doing all the smutty things veiled in discreet,
And to mention all his deeds, this poem is just a sobriquet.

People plaster faces with plastic smiles,
But the inner being is sick and sly,
Rotten they become as time flies,
But introverted they’d wish you die.

Plush gifts and flowery cards,
Fake love and fallacious hearts,
They write amorous lyrics but are pseudo bards,
Only leave you down with a broken heart.

Shooting up with Angel’s Dust,
Getting high with glassed booze,
All they hope is that you stay still and rust,
And pray to God that you always lose.

Extol you till the top of the skies,
Masked up like the old and wise,
And Flatter you with blatant lies
To steer you to a place where you can no more rise.

Hallucinating you till your brain goes static,
Faking tears that make crocodile resent,
Haunting your thoughts like ghouls in the attic,
And leaving you think, that God should have left you unprepared and unsent,

Life is puzzle which nobody can solve, And,
It is a war which can never be resolved, And,
You’d always wish that you were never born!

[ Meaning: Stanza 1: Man, who lives in the concrete jungles, filled with filth and rot, hides his bad self from the society, he does all the rotten things under his veil in the name of society. My poem cannot cover all his misdeeds in the dark and hence is just only a nickname for his evil doings.

Stanza 4: Getting in to drugs like Angel Dust, and indulge into alcohol and all that they pray is for the break down of the man beyond recognition.
Stanza 5: Flatter you till a such an extent and act as the wisdom store houses only to deceive and to make you not to go ahead, or to be specific, do not allow you to get into the higher rungs of the society.

Stanza 6: They cry like a crocodile, just as a show but deep inside they are happy that you are dead, and haunt you even after you are dead. And the only option that one would be left with is to wish, they were never born as a man again]

[Credits: To Aparna, for the second and fourth lines of the first stanza.
Dedicated to Mihir, Anil, Aparna, Ravi , AVRS Shankar, Rahul Chawchharia (wishing him all the best for his future and to have a blast at IIT Mumbai) , Naren and finally to Dido again for her song, "Lets Do The Things We Normally Do"]