Many a day we see the hell come down,
Little things that make people frown,
Has anyone seen the face behind the clown?
Even a King has a turbulence brewing under His crown!

Tragedy swirls like a tornadoes tip,
It hits and gives the happy days a little flip,
And luck packs up to go on a long flight,
But remember there is day waiting to be up after the night!

Days pass but you can’t get the brain thinking upright,
And you and your insides have a constant fight,
Hope even seems to be a distant sight,
And you feel if there is anything that can make you bright!

Many age old biological revolutions,
Have brought umpteen revelations,
That a smile can shun, the sadness,
And bring back all the fun.

Sulking for the things in the past,
Will only make your troubles vast,
One would be dead for a whole eternity,
But be alive on the earth for a brief moment!

[Dedicated to Dido for her song "Lets do the things we normally do" and to all those who are in search of sunnier days.
Credits: To "Lilya -4-Ever" for providing the last two sentences of the poem.]