Waking up after a dream,

After the aftermath disappeared, it was then,

I heard my heart letting out a scream,

Bemused, I tried to ignore it!.

Coming onto the road,

I find couples happy with glee,

Walking hand in hand,

Ignoring about what’s going around!.

And I stood in the center of the road,

Trying to garner some attention,

But all of them just drifted pass.

Deeper inside my heart,

I found a person depressed cause of the lack of love,

And oppressed of the harsh days gone pass,

And it’s then I try finding the Love, which I missed from time unknown.

Treading like a Lion on a hunt,

I go behind every girl who is alone,

It’s only then I realize, that all the girls up there are not alone!,

And it’s then realize the bitter truth of being all alone.

I wished God to send a girl from up above,

Only to find my prayer’s unanswered,

And Yes!, also let down in the harsh sun!

And I try with all my might,

To find a girl brimmed with innocence,

But all my attempts go in a vain,

And there is none with whom I can share my plight!.

Sulking, I sat on the branch of a tree,

And heard the wails of the voice within,

As I tried to console him,

I experienced all the pain he has gone through!.

And I got down to wash my face in the rain,

As a precaution to hide my tears,

And find a Lady Love for whom I was searching since years!.

[Consider this the continuation of the poem, The Existence of a Mysterious Girl. And also this is going to be one of my las t poems on love!, don't forget to leave a comment!]

Thanks to Ravindra who helped me to make this post a possibility, by saving my computer from a software crash!

[Disclaimer: This post is truly imaginative and I don't mean any disrespect to the women out there. ]