Walking down the vast green fields,

I was admiring its purity,

Birds flying high up against the serene skies,

The wind was blowing past swaying the plant majority,

This is truly the world of my fantasies!

All of a sudden I saw a Girl go past,

Chasing the wind playfully,

As she hopped towards the sky,

My heart skipped a beat,

And it said, for Her I should try.

Without a thought I shot behind, into the outstretched fields!

There She was yards ahead,

Covered in the Heavenly White,

And hair so dark that it fluttered in the air,

I followed the footsteps of her divine feet,

I was not looking where I was going, I followed her though, Blindly!

Running behind was all I did as She was ahead of me,

I was like a kid running rainbow's,

Trying to catch the end,

The faster I ran behind,

The farther She moved from me!

And all I managed to do is run behind, far behind!

I ran till I reached the end of the field,

And kept on running,

As Hard Work will have its yield,

The sun got hotter up,

As I crossed the final boundary!.

It was then I realized I was in the desert,

Far away from where a man can live,

As the desert sand had slackened her speed,

And reached out to her from behind,

It was then I noticed she was nothing but a Mirage on the run!

And I was let down, in the harsh desert sun!

Credits: To Teja Priyadarshini who has painstakingly edited my poem for Grammatical errors!