Running away from the mercenaries,

Dodging away from the fire of artillery,

I ran a thousand miles,

How quick the time flies!.

After running for a bit further,

I approached the other countries border,

I looked around,

I didn’t hear a sound.

All of a sudden I got hit by a hummer,

I didn’t notice the sentry at the frontier,

There was blood all around,

My pain was the only sound.

Pain seared up to my brain,

I broke up and fell under the strain.

Days later I woke up darkness,

Stench imposed a olfactory blackness,

Screams of the guards were the only signs of life,

It was like being there in hell, Alive.

Prisoners were brought out and shot in the head,

Simultaneously till they were dead,

Their pain and misery in the last moments,

Ghosted my bedeviled head.

Days later my turn came,

To get sacrificed,

My head got hotter than a flame,

I got rooted on the spot and got traumatized.

There I stand eyes blind folded,

To get shot by the firing squad,

I stood there deep rooted waiting for the moment,

Fire!, was the order that came by the head of infantry.

Bullets sieved my body,

As if I were a paper piece,

Instantly I made peace with God Almighty!,

Seconds later I fell down, becoming a piece of earth.

There are blunders war can do,

Killing people like me,

In return for my sacrifice,

My family commits suicide.

God, if you are listening to me,

Save everyone else from the tragedy,

A man killed for a man,

Only leaves the world empty!.

[Dedicated to all those prisoners of war who lost their lives for the sake of their country]