[This Picture is the result of my sister's imagination,dedication and hard work. It took her Four long days to complete it and here I'm going to explain the theme of the painting in my way!. So start reading!!]

The main theme of the painting is dis-satisfaction and a longing for spiritual richness. The lady in the picture is illuminated  by an unknown source from an unknown angle. The shadow of the woman is not visible and the surroundings are pitch black. Only the Woman is highlighted and nothing else. 
The Darkness behind can be termed as the state of her mind, deep in thought without a ray of Light.

The Woman is a rich person with access to all materialistic comforts. She is adorned with jewels but she has a sad look on her face. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. Ah!, the beauty of a woman is best appreciated by herself. But we see the same old unhappiness. Why?!. 

Because, Money can buy everything in the world, Jewels, Clothes, Beauty (Yea, Did you forget beauticians,cosmetics and plastic surgeries?!) but it can't buy Happiness. 

Many a times, we generally long for money. Money is the evil which turns a man greedy. Money is that alcoholic Piece of printed paper which can turn the innocent into blood-curly Swines. We believe money can buy happiness. But in reality can it really buy it?. 
No!. It can't. Money can only buy Medicine but not the life.
Money can only buy education but it can't buy intelligence.
Money can buy a Friend but it can't buy a relationship.

We even think that Money can buy status. But even Mafia Don's Like Dawood Ibrahim have their pockets stuffed with bloody money but do they have the respect?.
On the contrary Mother Teressa had a noble thought and lived with the people of the slums. She didn't have money. Did that deter her from gaining a God like status?

Status and Happiness are relative terms. The former is relative to the society and the latter to the heart. It all depends on how you relate yourself. The Happiest person on this earth might not be the richest person but he sure is the most thoughful person.
Mentally and Spiritually!!