n. A change or alteration in form or qualities]

Two Days Ago:

Morning: It was Seven. Before I could protest, my mom already pushed me out of bed.
 Mumbling something I went down to brush my teeth. My mind started wandering, "Why do I have to wake up at Seven everyday?, Why can't we lead a free life like any other animal??". Before I could ponder more upon my thoughts I was thrown into the bathroom. 
"Ah,That's the sweet misery of being a man", and this thought was promptly interrupted by the cold shower. 
Cursing, I came out. The day's 'humble' starting's pissed me up. Shouting like a "Needle-in-the-Ass" Baboon I barged into the kitchen shouting like a politician on an election trial. I simply shouted till my throat pained. Skipping breakfast I slipped into my room to sleep. I never did think about my mom feeling hurt. I didn't bother.

Afternoon: Waking up at eleven, I became a normal person again. I was hungry. I went for a raid on the kitchen. Finding my mother there I hugged her and said "Good Morning". and hugged he
r. She gave a cheery reply and I managed to gulp some cookies. Later, I talked to her normally and the entire chat didn't get affected by the morning's rampage saga. It was like it didn't happen. Strictly speaking I forgot. And my mom looked as if she forgot too, apparently

Evening: It was seven. I was glued to the T.V. trying to catch all the action in IPL. The match was in a crucial stage and my adrenalin zoomed up. It was then I heard my name being called. My mo
m called me. I didn't reply. Responding to that call meant that I had to sacrifice watching the cricket match, which I didn't want to do. My Mom started chanting my name at short intervals in varying sound intensities (increasing obviously!!) . Frustrated that my mom's deliberate calling's were interrupting the Cricket commentary, I raised my voice in anger. It was so loud that I could hear its echo in my ears for the following few minutes. Again, I didn't bother about my mother but I was selfishly engrossed into the Match Fixing game.

When the Mute become the Mutants:
What if in the above situations my mom shouts back?!. No answer. 
What if in any other given situation shouts\screams\blasphemes you how do you feel??.
Hurt obviously.
Silence has a plethora of meanings. One of them is anger and anticipation.
The silence is the medium in which a person records the abuse shown by another perso
n. It will certainly reciprocate within the course of time. Truly, it will.

During the course of a day, we show a huge range of emotions. In some situations we show crude emotions which tend to wipe the heart of other's. But is it necessary?.
The answer is up to you. 
It's for you to decide!!