Mother, Possibly the sweetest word in the entire universe.

Mother, The most beautiful person ever to be born on the face of the earth.

Mother, The best guide into this world full of hatred and back stabbers.

Mother. The one masterpiece of God, created to preach his lessons to his children.
Even for a person like Osama Bin Laden, his mother will always love him no matter what how the world treats him.

No matter what might happen a mother will never limit her love to her children.

Even if her life is in despair a mother will always strive for the well being of her masterpieces.

Every person on this earth is the one BEAUTIFUL masterpiece of the God sent creator- Mother.

One person who values the life of her children as her own and at times leads the life of her children like her own.

But what do we give this divine work of God in return??.


We see many cases of Mother's abandoned by their children.

Many children who conspire against their mother's for money.

Cases of matricide flood the papers.

Mother's who resort to the last step of suicide because of the brutal acts done by her children.

Which gift does a Mother require??

Greeting Cards?

Well just think do we after all need a day to make our mother's special?

The answer is a BIG FAT 'NO'.

Well a relationship will last if and only if there is reciprocation of love. A Mother will always look forward for the love she gets from her children but not the materialistic gifts.

Respect your Mother just as you would like people to respect you. 

That would result in making your Momma more happy and inturn making God happy.

I would like to dedicate this post to my dear old mom who carefully carried me in her womb for nine months and thereby looked after me for Eighteen long years as if I were her own heart taken out and left out for the world. Oops! I made a mistake, Eighteen years and still going. 
I would also like to dedicate this blog to those Mother's who:

-Lost their children at war.
- Lost their own life giving birth to their children.
-Are missing their children, who have gone to far off places.
-Always stand by their children and become their path makers [that means it includes each and every Mom on the Earth!!]

Happy Mother's Day!!

(I want to share a sweet text message I recieved while writing this post:

Ques: What makes Mother's special?

Ans: When I came drenched in the rain, my brother told,"Why did'nt you take an umbrella with you?"

My sister said,"Why did'nt you wait till the rain stopped!!"

My father angrily scolded me,"Only after getting a cold you will realize!"

But my mother as she was drying my hair told, "Stupid Rain".

That's the love of a mother.

Unequalled and Unparalelled!!)