[I dedicete this post to Late  Anirudh Rathi [31-12-90 to 11-05-09] who passed away in an unfortunate accident which occured
 on the Eighth
 of May. I never saw 
him, or heard of him until the time of his demise. One of his
 closest friend's happened to be my friend and he told me all about An
irudh. A selfless person with a beautiful soul. I am seeing visions of Anirudh Everywhere. Everywhere. His th
oughts haunted me to write this post. With due respect, avoiding names I fictionized his story and written it down here. I just hope everyone reading this post will pray for a moment for
 his soul's peace.
Love you Anirudh, Whoever you are and Wherever you are]
(Except Part 1 : The Event. The rest of the story is fictious. I have divided the story in parts so as readers who don't have much time to spar
e can read the post at intervals making it an easier job for them.)

Part 1: The Event:

It was nearing 3:00 p.m. The weather around was burning hot. The road was completely deserted. I was sitting right there in the middle of the road waiting for today's share of prey. Well, sometimes this job can be frustrating when you have many tasks to complete but the the prey are not around. Even God cant help if only the predator is lurking round the forest. As they say, "Two is a Game".  
Ah!, I could smell. The sweet smell of  my next game. The t
ime has 
come for the hun
ter to hunt. These are the times when some people should realize my value. If I were to be showing a straight hand to man, then the Apocalypse would be fast approaching. 

I had to plan fast. In a wink of a second the plan must be executed. I should be invisib
le but my act should be visible. I had to arrange for a decoy predator. A hunter who would hunt on my behalf. The prey was fast approaching. They were turning round the blind alley where I was positioned. It was then I found my hunter. The car was flashy
 and flamboyant. It had the velocity, I just had to give the little extra momentum it needed. It was then, the prey approached the lane I was in. My job for today was going to come to an end. A double bonus. Two men in a single accident. I being the supernatural, I had the power. I rammed the car into the motorbike with the two young men on it. 

The momentum which I gave to th
e car was tremendous. It dragged the prey for over 50 feet at a stretch. The Two young men were dragged brutally. I was grinning. Half of my job was done. The friction between the bodies of the young men and the rough Tar road would do the trick. There were tyre marks smudged with blood all over the short lane already. I pres
umed them to be dead. I was about to go, but it was then I saw the happening. After a 50feet of frictional torture. The bike along with the Prey got separated from the hunter. The decoy turned out to be a coward. The car zoomed away before I could concentrate. I blasphemed. But I was happy the job was done. 

But within a 
blink of the eye, I saw the miracle. The rider who was fully drenched in blood was pulling th
e pillion ri
der towards the roundabout. Shocked I was, I couldn't move a bit.  Voices started to circle my head. What made the Successful me Unsuccessful today?. This revival of consciousness of my prey meant that I had to spare more time with them to make my kill. 

I started off towards my prey. They both survived. I then at that point vowed to torture them both and take their 
lives. I, The God of Death was betrayed today and I seek revenge. 

Part 2: The Happening:

Scene 1: The Day Before:

"Momma, I'll go home today in the evening train, I desperately wanna meet my friends", said He.
"No!!, I w
ant you to be here along with Grandpa, Stay here for one more week", said Mom.
"No way!, I can't be holed up in this place for that long, this is BORING", said He.
"Momma, Lets go home for a month or so and let's come here again, It will be good for both of us", said He.
"Okay then, I'm listening to you for this time, but then cancel your ticket for today an
"But why?!.."
 stop me, reserve two tickets for tomorrow. I'm also going to come with you. Let us both go. I have to attend an important wedding too", said Mom.
"Okay! then, It's up to you!!", said He and left the place.

Scene 2: The Home Coming:

"Son, Assist me with my accounts today as you are free, I want to some reliable help"
"No Da
d I can't stay back all the day long with you, I seriously want to roam out for a week or so!", said He.
"Son, at least
 help me out till the evening, I'll can complete the rest easily"
"Dad, C'mon there is time for everything, I'll do this accounting stuff tomorrow!, Now I want to go out with our Mr.Employee to take a quick ride at the Beach Road on his new bike!".
"Son, Please pay heed. Do not go now, its too hot, you might get a sunstroke!'

The phone on the table started vibrating. 'He' went to answer it. It was his Grandfather asking him to drop by his place in the noon. 'He' declined with utmost respect saying he had no interest.

"Damn", 'He' cursed his luck, as everyone was delaying his driving class.

He started running towards the door, with a firm determination of being punctual. His insides were burning with desire to hop on to the bike. He bolted away, Ignoring his father's warnings and his mother's whine about taking lunch.

The lift didn't work the way. 
That meant 'He' had to run down six floors to reach his excitement.
That meant five minutes.
Five Long 
Important minutes. That's all it took.
He happen on the pillion and started only to meet with an accident, described in Part 1.

Scene 3: The Aftermath:

 Scene 1: The Site:

People sur
rounded the the victims. Not even one of them had the common sense of calling an ambulance. On onlooker stopped a car and asked for help. The man revved up his engine and sped away. It was then a prayer was heard. A prayer in the praise of Lord Shiva. One 
man sensed the origin of the sound. It was coming from the pocket of one of the victim. He promptly searched for the phone and lifted it up. 
"Hello!, T

he person you have called just now met with an accident. We are at the Hotel junction"
"Hello, What?! Who?!",
 "The person you have called just now met with an accident, Please rush fast as he has to be transported to a hospital, 'He' is bleeding profusely".

Scene 2: The Fight\Following:

The Intensive Care Unit's entrance door creaked. I stood there watching the surroundings. The hospital is one of my favorite place. It has all the right elements which make my job easier. The doctors in the spotless White's have the most considerate thoughts for me. They make my work easy, thereby I reward the bad doctors who were 'good' in my perspective by leaving them to lead a longer life. An added bonus for an unnoticed cause. 
Ah!, There I found the doctor who was going to treat my prey. He looked like the 'Baddie' meaning he never contributed to my job. I still didn't understand why the meek boy and the skinny Mr.Employee failed to die. Maybe the supernatural influence my biased action. I didn't bother. I looked forward to seek revenge. And revenge is Sweet.

Scene 3: The Cause:

I was still blaming my lack of judgement for the  all over. 

I was looking for the root of the problem. Then, I got the idea. An idea which saved my heart from an cardiac arrest (that's a joke :D). I could read minds. And there I was in the middle of the operation theatre with a handful of minds to read and decipher. My detailed research gave me the reply. Hey! Presto, here is the condensed analysis,


The Day before The Event:

'Son' has changed a lot. Previously he never used to leave his grandfather's side. He never wanted to go back home. But today, he hit me hard. He wants to do something at home. What is it?. What's more important for him more than his Grandpa and me?. Certainly something Fishy. I should check this out. I'll accompany him home tomorrow. For one of the few times in my life I lied.

The Day Of The Event:

Certainly, 'Son' has something up his sleeve. He is not revealing the truth. Today, he didn't even complete his lunch and he popped away. I will definitely ask him to spill the beans tonight. May God be with him.


The Day Of The Event:

Such a sudden development?. This is certainly suspicious. 'Son' never denied any work I told him and this is the first time he disobeyed my order. Well, I should cater more time to him, as this is the age where the minds deviate. May God be with him in whatever he does.
Ah!, The love of his parents saved him. Well, two similar thoughts generating at the same time  in two different minds definitely took its toll today. Otherwise, I would be successful by now. Well, not anymore, with the Devil in the midst who can concentrate on God?!. I'll take care.

Mom was crying all through the day. So was Dad. The doctor said nothing can be ascertained unless and until 'He' gains consciousness.

Mom, sat before God, she pleaded him to spare his child. She asked him to take her life instead. She cried and cried. Dad went and consoled her. Instilled hope in her telling her son was still alive. But Mom couldn't stop crying. Dad, was in a helpless situation. He couldn't certainly reveal that his son couldn't live through the night. It was a painful act.

Dr.D Grinned...

Part 3: The Decoy\Minor Perspective:

On The Day Of The Event:

'She' was bored. 
'She' wanted to have the extra Zing in life.
What could 'She' do to fight the boredom?!
'She' loved play Need For Speed.
'She' needed Speed in her Life.
The thrill that Speed gives.
'She' wanted a vehicle.

'She' wanted The Car.
'She' quietly lifted the keys from her Dad's room.
'She' went down to the parking lot. 
'She' left.
'She' was minor, and 'she' didn't have a license.
But what's the difference?!
'She' zoomed away.

After going on a steady pace for fifteen minutes, 'she' gained the confidence.
'She' revved up her engine into higher speeds.
The road was empty so was her brain.
Zooming at 120kmph she couldn't differenciate a thing.
Before 'She' knew she hit the bike.
Before 'She' could stop, The Event got over.

'She' fled the scene immidiately. 
'She' didn't apply brakes for the next two kilometres.
She lost control again.
The car zoomed over the Ghat road,
And down fell Her car into the sea.

Nothing has been heard from her ever since.

Death used a Decoy.
His mastery remains unbeaten. 
He used two decoys but passed it away as one.
Yet he still remains hidden,
Unseen and Unheard.
Footnote: A Glance through his mind:
"It's Dad's birthday tomorrow and he is going to turn Fifty this year. I want to give him a BIG surprise for what he had done for me in all the Nineteen years. I am going to withdraw the money from my bank savings account, the money I was saving since a year. I went out, hastily on that purpose as today was a half-day off for the bank. No matter what Mom and Dad think, I'm gonna give a BIG surprise and will reveal the secret tomorrow!! Love you both!!"
Dr.D read enough of 'His' mind.
He lurked away into the darkness to find another prey.
He was still hungry from his feast.