Indian Premier League. A phenomenon. An entertainment tornado which blew Television sets apart for a whole month, leaving the ordinary Cricket fan like me bewildered. But it has it's own share of controversies. Most of them were confined to one single team - Kolkata Knight Riders!. Well, here I'm expanding the list of goofs committed through the tournament, partly original and partly Inspired!

*Best Speech Ever: Shah Rukh Khan, wen he justified multiple captain theory to media, by saying players can
 interact with each other by sign language, spitting, cleaning sweat on the forehead etc. I think its understood that some shoulder bone may have
 disturbed the spine, and the spine imbalance caused some mental instability, that made SRK think rugby and baseball strategies will work in every sport. Its good he didn't consult Tiger Woods to coach his team for hitting big shots!

Raakhi Saawant Uttam Item Dancer Memorial Award : Sreesanth after 
 out Dhoni in the ninth over, in the last leauge Between Chennaardi Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab!. (thereby ruining own prospects in Indian team!!)

*Most insightful commentator Award: (Jointly held)

Ramiz Raja for the comment on Amit Mishra:"Amit Mishra can spin the ball"
Mbwanga for the comment during the semifinals: "Chennai would like to win the match"
Alistair Campbell for "2 overs remaining. That's 12 balls folks"
L Sivaramakrishnan:"These are crucial times. Last 10 overs"

Best Lipstick Award : 'Monkey Man' Andrew Symonds.

Best Constipated Face of The Day Award : Vijay Malliya during the last over of the finals!

Best Bench Warmer of The Day Award : (Joined)

Glenn McGrath and Daniel Vettori during the 1st semi final versus Deccan Chargers! 

Boaster 'Badaa' Feaster Award : Chris Gayle (For Obvious Reasons!!)

Team Names To Be Changed after IPL2:

Kolkata Knight Riders - Kolkata 'Kutte' Riders
(The were named Knight Rider's atleast a name would enhance their game, but in vain!!)

Delhi Daredevils - Delhi 'Dud'devils
(Daredevils. A team that wet the pants of every other team till the league matches. Suddenly, Capt.Viru has decided to warm his best bowler Vettori and ball himself to Gilchrist!. Sure, he has forgotten to wear his lucky underwear that Day!!)

Chennai Super Kings - Chennai 'Diaper' Kings
(They 'were' champion's material. But not anymore!. With the likes of the 'Demon' bowler Muralidaran and the penultimate Ball Basher Mathew Hayden, this team was in a high rise, raising the expectations of the fans but this team proved to be more of a Baby winner than a Master Champ!. So I guess this would be the apt team name!!)

Kings Eleven Punjab - Prietey's XI Kings
(Truly, this team always revolves around one sphere called Priety Zinta. This Dog dimpled lady has found apt husband's right in her team after a brief stint with Ness Wadia [remember stories taking round that she has coupled with Brett Lee?!]. Well, here comes another bug in her team when she hugged every member minus Sreesanth after winning a match!. The title sounds too true!!)

Rajasthan Royals - Rajasthan Fails!
(The name says it all)

Bangalore Royal Challenger's : 'Bang'alore 'Drunken' Challengers
(With the beer baron Vijay Malliya sponsoring this team no doubt his team got a couple of hard core Drunkards in Jesse Ryder, Ross Taylor, Virat Kohli and Robin Uthappa!. Ryder crossed the line, by drinking even before the day of a match. And, how can I forget to mention our dear old Malliya not forgiving the bottle yesterday?!. True, he must have found solace in the bottle better than the team!!)

Deccan Chargers : Deccan Charger's ;) [They were flawless remember?!]

Sleepwell 'Because It Shows Award' : Sourav Ganguly

LIC Retirement Plan Award : Sourav Ganguly

*Cyrus Broacha Best Bakara Award : Brendon McCullum

'Dukhi Duniya' Uttam Commentator Award: Shivaraman. Man he can't smile on camera even when he sees the cheer leaders.

*Mahatma Gandhi 'Spirit Of India' Award : Shah Rukh Khan. (wondering why?!, well both of them returned home to India after being insulted in South Africa!!)
Finally, a nameless award to Mandira Bedi for letting her Hem lines slip to raise the TRP's ;).

The Awards Marked with a * are inspired from FIP . 
(They are edited considerably to suit the reader's!!)